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A Review of the Hit Netflix Show, “Squid Game,” and Our Theories

You may or may not have seen the new Netflix original, “Squid Game.” Although, we are sure you have heard a lot about this Netflix hit. 

This show contains so much depth and will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. The unpredictability of this show is something that we have not quite seen before. 

Spoilers ahead!!!

Our thoughts

Cat – “Squid Game” offers great insight into how debt affects individuals in other parts of the world, as well as the unique hardships each character faces. Each character comes from different backgrounds, from big-time educated men, to gangsters or thugs. This show was not only entertaining but was extremely unpredictable. It had me hooked, wondering what was going to happen next. While many shows have predictable outcomes, this one personally shocked me. There is more than what meets the eye with each character. The importance of money and how it dictates the quality of life for these individuals is particularly interesting. The inequality that comes from capitalism and the wage gaps between the different socioeconomic classes are evidently portrayed in this show. 

Additionally, while the games overall were gruesome and inhumane, equality was a key message across the board. Players were all playing under the same set of rules with the same risks. This was evident when the doctor was executed. Due to having an unfair advantage over others in the game by helping the guards harvest organs, he was eliminated from the game. 

Furthermore, while Gi-hun had gained enough money to last him for a lifetime and more, he chooses not to spend it as a form of guilt. While he gained so much, he had also lost everything that was important to him. When he returns home, he devastatingly finds his mother dead in their family home. Fast-forward to a year later, he continues to live the same lifestyle that he did before the game, refusing to spend the money he earned. This shows that this money did not improve his life but rather created further loss and feelings of guilt. 

On the other hand, during the last episode when Oh Il-nam requests to see Gi-hun before his final moments, he states, “Do you know what people who have no money have in common with people who have too much money? Living is no fun.” This depicts a unison between the rich and poor, as when one has too little or too much, they are often left unsatisfied in the end. This was an interesting take of how money is not aligned with happiness and fulfillment. 

Overall, I believe that the details behind this show were incredibly well thought out and contains a valuable message targeted to all groups of people, regardless of socioeconomic status. 

Jordyn – It’s been a while since I’ve been wrapped up in a TV show, but I was so hooked on “Squid Game” that I finished the entire series in just a few days. Luckily one of my best friends was watching it at the same time that I was, so we were able to text each other our reactions and theories. During episodes six and seven (if you know, you know), my heart was beating so fast that it felt like I was working out! 

The glass bridge game was, for me, the part of the show that felt the most intense. The first four games, while equally brutal, were at least somewhat fair – everyone had an equal chance of winning. But the glass bridge game was almost completely based on chance, and the people in the front of the line were basically doomed to fail in order to save the final three.  What I loved most about the show was how intricate it was. Even a week after finishing, I feel like I’m still learning about new details. “Squid Game” is on track to be the biggest Netflix show of all time, and I’ve been enjoying all of the memes and theory videos ever since I finished watching.

season 2 theories

  1. The color of the paper during ddakji determines whether you’re a soldier or a player

This theory is a little mind-blowing, but the basic idea is that because Gi-hun chose the blue paper while playing ddakji at the train station, he was a player in the games. If he had chosen red, he would have been a soldier. The theory is that the players dress in blue-green tracksuits, and the soldiers are dressed in red suits). Honestly? It makes sense.

  1. The old man is Gi-hun’s father

Throughout the show, the heartwarming relationship between Gi-hun and Oh Il-nam progressed over time. In episode three, Gi-hun requests chocolate milk instead of regular milk due to his dairy intolerance. The old man responds with “As a kid, I’m willing to bet you got spanked a lot.” Gi-hun responds with, “How did you know?” while the old man says “My son did too. He was just like you, friend.” Additionally, while they were playing the marble game, Oh Il-nam states how he grew up in a neighborhood just like the room was set up. Gi-hun agreed and says he did as well. The old man continued to ask Gi-hun what the date was, as his son’s birthday was coming up. While the date was April 24th, it shows that at the beginning of the show when Gi-hun was trying to withdraw money out of the ATM that his birthday was April 26th— a couple days after the 24th just like the old man’s son. 

  1. Hidden Clues! 

Now, you may have to rewatch the show to catch onto the clues. Although, during the tug-of-war game, it is shown that every player had locks on— except for the old man, Oh Il-nam. Similarly, if you watch carefully during Red Light, Green Light, the doll doesn’t scan the old man when searching for movement. Additionally, during the last few seconds of the glass game, you can see the piece of glass that ends up flying into Sae-Byeok. 

  1. Every main character’s death is foreshadowed 

Not only does this show have a good plot, but also the details put into the foreshadowing is incredible. After watching the entirety of the show, you are able to realize how well thought-out each scene was leading towards the ultimate death of each character. 

At the beginning of the show in episode 2, Deok-su is shown to be running away from his debt collectors and jumps off a bridge to escape. When he dies during the fifth game, he falls to his death. Ali was shown taking money from his employer, and he dies in the marble game because Sang-Woo stole his marbles and replaced them with rocks.

  1. Jun-Ho is not dead 

After risking his life to investigate his missing brother, Jun-Ho realizes that he is actually one of the people behind the game. After his brother reveals his face to him after taking off his mask, he is unfortunately shot in the shoulder and falls off the cliff. Although many people think he died, there is a likelihood that he survived seeing that his body was not found. 

  1. Masked Guard? To Be Determined 

In the final episode, Seong Gi-Hun is shown to have gotten a brand new haircut as well as dyeing his hair red. Spectators suspect that he will attempt to work as a masked guard in season two, who will try to bring an end to “Squid Game” entirely and pursue revenge.

It’s safe to say that we, like the majority of Netflix-watchers, are hooked on “Squid Game!” We are anxiously awaiting season two, and will be spending lots of time investigating the theories until then.

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