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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Last weekend kicked off an awesome start to Darty season, and don’t worry, I WAS NOT prepared either. If you struggled to look like a 10 this weekend, stay tuned for seven quick items that can help you find the perfect Darty outfit.

  1. Sunglasses

Snag a pair of cute sunglasses to complete any outfit. They are super easy and such a fun way to accessorize your Darty Look. Plus, if you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, no one will ever know. But shh, that’s my party secret to you.


   Cat Eye Sunglasses                        Sunshine Aviators



Jennifer Oval Glasses                      Astro Sunglasses


  1. Fuzzy jacket

Not only is a fuzzy jacket incredibly warm for those brisk Boulder mornings, it’s also extremely fashionable. Think you’re gonna be too cold in your tube top? You’re probably right, but throw this baby on and you’ll be good to go all day, and even into the night if you want. Wearing a dress? A fuzzy coat works wonders.


Lina Varsity Jacket                       White Shaggy Coat



Faux Leopard Coat                      Faux Fur Jacket


  1. New Kicks

If you’re as tired of wearing snow boots around the Hill as I am, then snag yourself a fresh pair of new sneakers and you’ll be ready to rock the next darty. There are so many sneakers out there, but my favorite brands are always converse, nike, vans and adidas. Comfort and fashion all in one? Count me in for that on a day spent walking around Boulder.


Adidas Superstar                         Superga Platform Sneakers



Dolce Vita Slip Ons                     Steve Madden Zaander


  1. Graphic T-shirt

Looks like Pauly D and the Situation actually had something right. A graphic t-shirt is such an easy piece to add to your closet for any darty needs. They also give an illusion of putting in a lot of effort when you have absolutely no idea what to wear. It’s like when you wear a sundress and everyone thinks you look so cute, but all you can think is, “Haha, got you all. I don’t even have to wear pants.”


Less Bull Shit Tank                           Budweiser Classic Tee



Girl Gang Tee                                 Love Tits Tee


  1. Party Pants

We are so lucky that right now, sweatpants are a fashion statement. Fitted joggers and sweatpants are so trendy right now, and not only will they keep you warm, but you can be extra comfy all day. I recommend branching out from the jeansphere and trying some new comfy pants for your next darty. Plus, thats extra dancing room.


Rosa Sweatpants                          Feel Good Pants



Black Stripe Leggings                    Flower Power Jeans


  1. Layered Necklaces

You’re almost ready to go, but something isn’t quite right. Add a necklace to any outfit for a little sparkle to you. Layered necklaces are so much fun, and you can customize them however you want. Take a little inspiration from our very own Boulder fashion icons.


Defy The Horizon Set                         The Amanda



Cross Necklace                                   The Lily


  1. Your Best Friends

You’re all set. Grab your girl gang and get your Darty on!





Maddy Atwater

CU Boulder '20

Maddy is currently studying Staretgic Communications with an emphasis in advertising at the College of Communication and Information, while minoring in both Business with the Leeds School of Business and Creative Writing in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Her involvement on campus includes being chapter President of Branding for Her Campus CU Boulder as well as holding spots in the CU Boulder Photography, Ad and Fashion clubs. Outside of school, Maddy enjoys photography and yoga (she even works at Corepower Yoga!). When she isn't in the yoga studio or finding the best food in town, you can catch her reading a good book or exploring with her friends. 
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