6 Starbucks Drinks for the Friend Who Hates Coffee

I get a lot of weird looks when I tell people I don’t drink coffee, no it’s not a caffeine thing, no it’s not a health thing, I just hate it. From the smell to the taste I think it’s disgusting. I realize this may seem weird, especially being a college student, but rest assured I still find my caffeine boosts in the form of teas and energy drinks. Not liking coffee means I get to try out the less advertised parts of the Starbucks menu; so whether you hate coffee or just want to try something new, here are the top 6 Starbucks drinks sans coffee.

1. Lemonade-Teas

Have to mention this first because it is always my GO TO at Starbucks. A classic choice is to do an Iced Green Tea Lemonade but there’s always circulating tea varieties from Passion-Tango, Citrus White, Black Mango, etc. Don’t forget the classic sweetener (or do, who am I to dictate your Starbucks order)!

Source//Starbucks Stories

2. London Fog

No one really associates the word latte with tea, but London Fogs are such an underrated tea latte! Typically made with sweetened earl grey tea, some steamed milk, and vanilla syrup to top it all off. A lot of people don’t even pick up on that tea flavour, so it’s a great option if you’re taking a break from coffee and want to trick your brain a little.

Source//Aberdeen’s Kitchen

3. Next Level Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is undeniably a classic drink, it brings back memories of campouts, reading by the fireplace, and every childhood winter. Already a great base, Starbucks provide customers with the power to totally transform their hot chocolate using all their fun syrups. I personally like to add in peppermint or hazelnut, but you can also try out raspberry, cinnamon dolce, caramel, and so much more! The possibilities are endless!

Source//Bigger Bolder Baking

4. Caramel Apple Spice

My all-time FAVORITE holiday drink! Hot chocolate can be pretty rich and so it’s nice to have a light-fruitier alternative. Think apples dipped in caramel and whipped up into a nice warm drink— it is ridiculously addictive!

Source//Sugar Mama Cooks

5. Matcha Lemonade

I’m not going to lie, when Starbucks first rolled this out, I was VERY skeptical. But I am here to tell you, it’s actually a really bomb combination. Iced matcha green tea is combined with lemonade to create a very refreshing drink (both flavour wise and because of caffeine content!). PLUS, if you’re not a huge fan of overly sweet drinks this is perfect because they don’t add in anything extra, just plain ol’ tea and lemonade.

Source//Starbucks Secret Menu

6. Pumpkin Spice Chai

Feel left out when it’s fall at Starbucks? Well, don’t! You can try and alter the iconic PSL’s by making it creme based, but, at that point, it just tastes like sweetened milk. Pumpkin Spice Chais are an amazing alternative that allow you to take part in the festivities all while indulging in the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.