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5 Reasons to Love Country Music

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.


Hey Buffs! Why don’t you take a break and read up on all the reason to add some country tunes to your playlists! While most people here are anti-country music there IS a small population of country music fans here on our very own campus! I have to thank my boyfriend for my love for country music, he’s definitely a southern boy at heart and he taught me how to love trucks, fishing, motocross, and best of all country music! (Thanks, babe!)

So here are 5 reasons to join the country music bandwagon ASAP! At the very least give it try!   



1. The Country Artists

From Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Easton Corbin, and Thomas Rhett you can’t possibly look away when they’re singing. Not only do they have the looks, but they have unbelievable voices and personalities. Okay maybe I’m not entirely sure about the personality part, but it really feels like they’re down to earth people. 

2. The Lyrics

99% of the time country music will tug at your heart and will make you want to look up the lyrics immediately because they’re like nothing you’ve ever heard before. They’re so relatable you might think they actually know what’s going on in your life. Trust me, country artists pour their hearts into their songs and you can really hear it in the way they sing their songs. You won’t find anything like “she got a big booty so I call her big booty” in these songs.



3. The Country Music Festivals

There is nothing quite like a country music concert that feels so different compared to other concerts. People are just as drunk as you are and everyone is excited as ever to see their favorite artist perform. People are nice and if you love country music, beer, and the sunshine you’ll fit right in. One of my personal favorites is Country Jam right here in Grand Junction, Colorado! 

4. The Boots

There is nothing like wearing your fave red, white, and blue tank and jeans with an adorable pair of boots! If you’ve never tried on a pair of cowgirl boots you are doing it all wrong! They make you feel sexy and badass all at the same time!!! If I could wear my boots every day of my life, I would without a single doubt. 



5. The Summertime Vibes

Try blasting No Such Thing as a Broken Heart by Old Dominion with your windows down and your favorite people in the car. There’s nothing quite like the upbeat country tunes that makes you feel like it’s always summertime. Like I’ve said, country lyrics are some of the best you’ll ever hear! 



So go ahead and give country music a try! You’ll be surprised at all the great songs you’ll find! 

Yolanda is a junior majoring in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in advertising and a certificate in Technology, Arts, and Media. She holds the position of social media director for CU-Boulder's Her Campus chapter. She is on the Victoria's Secret PINK Campus team at CU-Boulder and acts as the "Social Media Guru." She works part-time as a waitress at her family's restaurant and helps with their advertising and social media platforms. In her spare time, she loves to surround herself with friends, read all kinds of books, attend country concerts, hike, and has a newly found love for fishing! 
Sko Buffs!