5 Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

It’s 2020, if you’re not currently in a podcast phase, then I’m sure you already went through one. I find myself going through seasons where I’m super into a certain genre of podcasts. This current season of podcasts has me very interested in romance and comedy. I get it, I'm soft! But the holidays are coming up, how can you not be soft? The weather is getting colder, days are getting shorter, and well The Bachelorette season is in full swing. So excuse me and the rest of the world for getting emo this time of year. 

As for the comedic podcasts, in the wise words of The Bitch Bible podcast host, Jackie Schimmel, laughter makes everything better. And these shows are sure to make you laugh or make your heart swell. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Without further ado, here are five of my favorite podcasts currently.

  1. 1. Call Her Daddy

    What kind of human being would I be if I didn’t include this? Call Her Daddy is hosted by the now single father, Alexandra Cooper who dazzles Gen Z and millennials weekly with her sexcapade stories. Weekly sex tips are a staple to this podcast, but this isn’t even the best part. The best part about this podcast is Alex’s string of men she’s dating, their code names (Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, Door #3, Slim Shady, the Canadian, etc), and the funny details of these individual relationships. These anecdotes have us all feeling as though we’re living vicariously through Alex and her influencer, NYC lifestyle. 13/10 would recommend it!

  2. 2. Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassi

    Unhappy Hour stars comedian and Harry Styles addict, Matt Bellassi. This podcast details the daily observations that trigger Bellassi. His delivery and his quick banter with his producer, Barry, is killer. His energy is in tip-top shape, never failing. In a segment called “Worst Things First” Bellassi rants over absurd national headlines, the majority of which he pulls from the state of Florida. We can always count on him to shoot Harry Styles a good morning tweet almost every day. Plus his election coverage over Twitter totally took the edge off all of us who were refreshing the app every three seconds. That wasn’t just me...right? Oh, it was? *Cue Bellassi’s voiceover* “SOMEBODY GET ME A BUCKET!”

  3. 3. Girls Gotta Eat

    Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg two comedic queens talk all things women’s empowerment, sex, and relationships on their pod, Girls Gotta Eat. The duo’s candor and transparency with their morals and feministic values are exactly what you would want to listen to in a female-run podcast. Girls Gotta Eat has Call Her Daddy energy, but Ashley and Rayna are less explicit. This pod hosts epic and diverse guest stars every week ranging from comedians like Andrew Collin, political figures like Elizabeth Warren, to celebrities such as the winner of this season’s Bachelorette Dale Moss! These best friends banter is unmatched. They finish each other’s sentences and essentially share a brain. Their sexcapades while on the road are absolutely hilarious. You have to listen to it first hand to believe it. The Girls Gotta Eat fanbase is full of meme enthusiasts, fans of anything comedy are sure to love this pod!

  4. 4. The Bitch Bible

    This show actually makes me cry laughing. Host, Jackie Schimmel is an all-star, #OG podcaster. The Bitch Bible has been on the air for six years now and rarely has guest stars. As a seasoned vet podcaster, Schimmel records her episodes all in one take with absolutely zero edits. She is the epitome of full candor. Her rants about local Karen’s in LA Trader Joe’s make me double over in laughter. Has she been shadow-banned by Instagram for having borderline highly absurd Instagram captions, yes, yes she has. And we love her more for it. If you’re looking to laugh at the most detailed, funniest, most extra stream of consciousness, Schimmel and her pup sidekick, Leo, are calling your name!

  5. 5. Modern Love

    Modern Love the podcast is based on The New York Times column, Modern Love which began in October 2004. This pod is contingent on love stories submitted to the publication. However, not all the stories tell the tale of romantic love, some stories detail familial love. Whether this is a best friendship or love for a parent, this column is sure to make your heart swell with appreciation and gratitude. It’s perfect for the holidays, reading this column while it snows outside is a cheap thrill for sure. Some stories were even reenacted in video through Prime Video’s limited series, Modern Love. This series whether you read, listen, or watch, is sure to warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity. Another exceptional aspect of this podcast is its diversity. The stories are not all heteronormative, many couples, many people from all walks of life have had their stories told through this column. We stan this progression. Let’s hear it for The New York Times!

So if you ever find yourself embarking on a multi-hour car ride, walking to class, bored of your fall jamz playlist,  pop on one of these shows, and your face will be set in a smile.