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5 Mess-Free and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


5 Mess-Free and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

With the spookiest time of the year approaching, pumpkins are a must in everyone’s Halloween decoration check list. If you’re like me, living in a tiny dorm and terrified of clutter, you understand how the thought of having to carve and maintain a pumpkin can be extremely stressful. Pumpkin guts and the smell of your decaying creation is definitely not as pleasant as the dreamy aroma of all the seasonal lattes that you’ll be consuming, and it definitely does NOT mix well with a room that desperately lacks ventilation or space. My love of the spookiest time of the year has led me to look endlessly for an alternate solution to keep my spirits high and my room tidy. At last, I’ve found answers.

Here are five cheap, easy, and most importantly, MESS-FREE diy pumpkin decorations.


1.Candy Corn Pumpkins:

-Stop by your local Michael’s craft store and pick up some Craft Smart paint in yellow, white, black and orange along with a sponge brush.

-Create a candy corn gradient with yellow, orange and white. Use the black paint to paint the stem.

-Let it dry.

-Show off your awesome creation.


2.Googly eyes

  • Buy googly eyes of different sizes at your local crafts store. I personally love using the ones that come with peel-off tape on the back. Easy to use and no sticky mess to clean up after.

  • Stick a set (or ten!) sets of eyes on your pumpkins and maybe draw on a spooky smile or some chilling eyebrows.

  • Set your pumpkin down on your desk to watch over your homework.


3. Fake Flowers

If you’re looking for a more elegant and chic look for your pumpkins plastic flowers(or real ones!) are the perfect choice.

  1. Buy flowers with beautiful fall tones, I recommend whites and yellows, and create a flower crown around the top of your pumpkin. You can use superglue or even clear tape to hold them down.


4. Glitter and some paint

Sparkles and metallics make my heart as warm as coffee does. Here is an easy and simple way to make your pumpkins shine:

  1. Paint your pumpkin white with some of the leftover paint that you used for your candy corn pumpkins. Let dry.

  2. Add a coat of 2 parts glue 1 part water to the area which you want covered in glitter (stripes, lines, circles…ALL OF IT) and sprinkle a heavy amount of glitter. I recommend putting a piece of paper underneath to make the glitter clean up easier.


5. Sharpies

If you’re truly in a rush and need a quick solution to a plain and boring pumpkin grab some black and metallic sharpies. Draw all sorts of spooky designs(spider webs, spooky eyes) on your pumpkin and presto.

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