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5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur



“You have to spend money to make money” is what I remember my father saying to me as I ran my unorganized business idea by him. I was only 19, what did I know about starting a business besides what I had seen on this week’s episode of Shark Tank? I was more excited than nervous to start something of my own and my parents have always been very supportive of any and all my dreams.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what my company entails, and that’s why I’m here to discuss the in’s and out’s of starting a successful business of your own!


A handful, if not most of you have been to a tailgate and you scan the area and see a girl wearing a shirt that’s cropped or has some fancy lace up style. This is where the idea for Nikki B’s College Tees was born.


At the end of my freshman year at CU, I started experimenting with different shirts and materials to perfect my craft. Over the summer, I developed a social media platform and a set of entrepreneur skills that I did not possess before. Here are some of the key advice points I would give to any entrepreneur:


  • Start small: This is especially important to implant your idea into the mind’s of others; starting small gives your idea more room to grow and develop.

  • It’s OK to spend some of your own money: If the fruits of your labors pay off, literally, then you must be patient and expect to spend some in order to make some.

  • Market yourself, effectively: Trending social media account such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Etsy are great ways to post content on products.

  • Don’t give up: You’ve heard this term all your life and it has always remained true, now more than ever. In order to cultivate your ideas, pursue them, don’t give up on them!

  • Have fun: Probably the most important step, but do what you love and love what you do. Creativity is the basis for entrepreneurship and who doesn’t love to create things?

Overall, becoming an entrepreneur has taught me skills that I did not think would be possible to teach myself. Embarking on any task is at first overwhelming and you will go through some bumps in the road. Every minute spent struggling or celebrating just makes the end goal worth it. If you have ever thought about undertaking a project, NOW is the time to start. So what are you waiting for?


Nikki Blum

CU Boulder '20

My name is Nikki Blum and I'm a Junior at CU Boulder majoring in Marketing. I'm from Colorado and I love to run, shop, and hang out with friends! When I'm not in school, I run my own company called Nikki B's College Tees where make custom tailgate/game day t-shirts and sell to college students all over the country! My business is my pride and joy and I hope to one day work in a career that combines fashion and entrepreneurship.
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