3 Ways Get That Summer Bronze, Before Summer Starts

3 Ways Get That Summer Bronze Before Summer Starts


Hello Boulder Beauties! We are so close to summer and that means fun times and tan lines! I’ve already begun my tanning routine to get myself prepared with a base tan for my summer activities. I decided to use a tanning bed to achieve my perfect bronze glow, I have also added other methods I have used in the past for you to look into and decide which is the best for you! 


Spray Tans-

A treatment where the body is sprayed with a product containing chemicals that react with the skin to produce an artificial suntan.

This way of getting the best summer bronze is temporary but a good choice for events like weddings, prom, and special events where you might not have enough time to lay outside and get a tan.


Sunless Tanning Lotions and Towelettes-

Sunless lotions can give your skin a tanned look without exposing it to harmful UV rays. Sunless tanning products are commonly sold as lotions, creams and sprays you apply to your skin


Tanning Beds-

A machine used for tanning, consisting of UV light bulbs. Typical tanning beds are horizontal to lay in but there are a few that are vertical allowing for a 360 degree tan. Each bed has a different levels lower levels usually have less power and you stay in longer and higher level beds usually have more power and you stay in shorter.

I hope this guide helps you to achieve the glow you want!

XOXO Michaela