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3 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow Right Now

Choosing which bloggers you want to influence your life and spark up your Instagram feed says a lot about who you are. There are so many bloggers on Instagram who focus on showing their followers the content that they focus their brand around. There are fashion bloggers, the food bloggers, mommy bloggers, travel bloggers, and then combinations of bloggers and many more types that I have yet to discover.


When you follow a blogger, you may do so because you like the presets they use to edit their photos or you like how genuine they are on their live videos or you swipe up on every outfit to see where on the LIKEtoKNOWit app you can buy everything they show in their try-on hauls. Whatever the case may be, bloggers have an extreme impact on our behaviors.

Today, I am going to share with you my three favorite bloggers, what they focus their platforms on, and why they have influenced my life.

Dani Austin


Dani is my favorite blogger I follow. She is a super down to earth and genuine woman from Dallas living with her husband Jordan and two dogs Lola and Hazel. Dani is my go-to gal for all things fashion, home living, and lifestyle. I really enjoy her try-on hauls and even have bought so of the clothes she wears in those try-on hauls.


The thing I admire most about Dani is how genuine she is. Whether it’s in live videos or normal posts, she always shows her goofy self and is never ashamed of being her unique self. This is why I am so drawn to her brand and her as a person. Dani has taught me that being 100% yourself on social media is something to be celebrated which is something we all need to her nowadays. Give her a follow @daniaustin


Lauren Kay Sims


Lauren is a blogger I can across late last year. It’s funny because she is located locally in Boulder, close to where I attend school at CU Boulder. I like her content because it focuses on all aspects of her life (including her cute baby Shiloh) as well as fashion and beauty.


Lauren also likes to post a lot of workout routines and is a huge runner so I love tuning into her stories. It’s not every day you see a mom with a rockin’ body like hers! I admire Lauren for how determined she is. She goes to yoga, cares for her child, and does so much in between for her family and her followers which is super inspiring to me. If this sounds like your type of blogger, go follow her @laurenkaysims


Eden Grinshpan Nivron


When discussing my favorite bloggers with my best friend Elsa, she told me I HAD to check out @edeneats on Instagram. Eden is not what you would think of when you hear the term blogger. In fact, she takes her platform to a level that I believe it, unlike anything I’ve seen done before.


Eden has a husband and a cute daughter that are featured in most of the photos on her feed. What really stands out to me about her platform is how genuine and food-obsessed she is! Her food photos are crazy funny, often times involving burger and fries casually resting on her stomach or her daughter sitting in a pizza box while the two scarf down a few slices.


Eden is so unique and has taught me that building your brand doesn’t have to follow the mainstream. If you are passionate about something, that is the type of content to share with others and the content we all want to see. If you love hilarious content like this, turn on those post notifications for @edeneats

These bloggers, plus many more, are who I consider some of my role models and whose posts I look forward to seeing and whose videos I am excited to open the Instagram app to watch. I encourage everyone to find at least one influencer that can inspire them the way that these three have inspired me!

Signin’ off, bang bang, kiss kiss,

Nikki B.


Nikki Blum

CU Boulder '20

My name is Nikki Blum and I'm a Junior at CU Boulder majoring in Marketing. I'm from Colorado and I love to run, shop, and hang out with friends! When I'm not in school, I run my own company called Nikki B's College Tees where make custom tailgate/game day t-shirts and sell to college students all over the country! My business is my pride and joy and I hope to one day work in a career that combines fashion and entrepreneurship.
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