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20 Stocking Stuffers For Anyone on Your Christmas List

My theory behind stocking stuffers is that they should be things you always want or need but never can seem to have enough of. Useful everyday items that no one would ask for as a present, but that will get much more use than that figurine everyone’s been regifting for years. They should also be relatively inexpensive, as half of the fun of the stocking is seeing just how much stuff is inside.

Carhartt beanie 

A good beanie is a no-brainer for all people, regardless of personal style. Carhartt is a classic beanie brand with many colors to choose from, and if you’re shopping for anyone who lives somewhere with seasons, this gift is a sure hit.

Touch screen gloves

In the winter, I always wish I could find my pair of these. From walking to class to going to the grocery store, this gift will be cherished by anyone who wants to stay warm but still needs to send a text out.

Extra phone charger 

You know that moment when your phone charger breaks right before bed, and you don’t have a spare? Or you’re all the way in the kitchen and your charger is in your bedroom? Make this person’s life a bit easier with a spare charger for those tough moments we all know too well. I personally love a six or ten-foot charger that stretches across my living room – shop here.

Portable charger

Similar to the last one, a portable charger comes in handy right when things might have gotten hairy. Perfect for use in class, on public transport or for times you forgot to plug your phone in the night before, this gift is a lifesaver.

Hand cream

This could be a Colorado thing, but there is nothing I need more than hand cream in these tough winter months. Perfect to throw in a purse, backpack or pocket, this stocking stuffer will be used to the last drop. My go-to hand cream is Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Cream, and they even have a holiday edition!

Mani-pedi gift card

I mean, must I say any more?

Simmer pot kit 

Bring an eco-friendly twist to candles with a simmer pot kit. You can buy these on Etsy to support small this holiday or you can make your own with some dried citrus, whole spices, and essential oils. Package in a jar and complete with a ribbon for an adorable, cost-effective stuffer they are sure to remember (and if you need inspo on what to put in your simmer pot, check out my fall recipes!).

Pack of hair ties

Having extra hair ties around is such a small luxury. These things somehow escape me right when one snaps, and having an extra pack around would be a lifesaver in those moments. Spiral hair ties have been a hit for me in the past, and they’re better for your hair, too!

Fashion headband or bandana

Headbands are making a comeback! Find a cute one, or a bandana for more versatility, and show your personality as a gift giver.


Remember the time when it was the *worst* thing in the world to get socks? Now I’m secretly hoping for a nice pair every year in my stocking. It may not be the most exciting, but it’s definitely a necessity. Target’s 15 Days of Socks is a fun way to gift socks, too!


Somehow every pair I own is ripped or lost? Having tights ready to go when you suddenly need a pair is amazing, and there are even a bunch of fun designs (like little polka dots)!

Favorite candy or homemade baked good

This is a classic stocking stuffer. Picking a few of their favorite candy or snack items is sure to please. I always look forward to Reese’s Cups and Mentos in my stocking! Personalize this with a homemade baked good or a cute note.

Set of cute masks

Everyone always needs masks, and it doesn’t hurt if they’re cute. My favorite ones are from baggu. I have the Backyard Fruit set and get so many compliments!

Tote bag

Running around isn’t complete without a tote back with just too much stuff in it. Find a cute design from Society6, and let your giftee show their style.

Pack of pens 

Pens are always nice to have, and the best ones are from Muji. Simple, sleek, fast-drying and in many colors, what more could you want? 

Packs of gum or mints

You can never have too many packs of gum, and these seem to disappear in bags (or maybe you share pieces with anyone who sits next to you in class). Replenish their stock and freshen their breath all in one!

Fashionable sunglasses

A cute pair of sunglasses is a must-have year round. Find a pair and see smiles when they open your stocking!

Sticky notes

Perfect for students, parents, teachers, and everyone in between, choose a fun color and be satisfied your gift will be used.


Stickers are such a fun gift that have almost limitless uses. Laptops, cars, water bottles and about any other hard surface you can think of can all become much more fun! If you’re local to Boulder, check out Mount Inspiration on Pearl Street for lots of options. Shein and Amazon also have tons of sticker packs! 


Last but certainly not least, chapstick! Everyone needs a good stick for when it’s cold, or just when their lips are dry. My favorite is the classic Burt’s Bees.

Now go on and shop shop shop! Whoever you’re gifting is sure to love any and all of these stocking stuffers, so rest easy for Christmas morning.

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Marita is a junior at CU and marketing major with a creative technology and design minor. She loves fashion, design and cooking. In her free time, she loves to go on walks and hang out with her bearded dragon, Walter!
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