13 Things to Remind You What Day of the Year It Is

It’s October 13th, you know what that means,


  1. It’s National Treat Yo Self day



2. Have a midterm you should be studying for but you’d rather go to Illegal Petes?



3. Going to a Halloween party?



4. Last Thursday night you vowed to never go out on a Thursday night again, but you know there’s definitely a party happening?



5. Feeling a little tense from that 50 minute lecture yesterday?



6. Need a new purse?



7. Need some new wall art?



8. It’s your birthday?


9. You’ve already been to Starbucks twice today but you want another latte?



10. Need a new fall wardrobe?



11. Really want that dessert?



12. Out of town?



13. Concert tickets? Ski pass? X Games? New socks? A pair of Yeezy's? Yoga? Cute boy? Puppy?


That’s all for now, go out and TREAT YO SELF