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10 Warning Signs to Watch out for on Tinder

Before swiping right or meeting up with a Tinder guy, make sure he passes this checklist.


1. When you haven’t answered them and they keep on sending you messages.

Dude, chill. We are not on our phones 24/7 and this means he is really needy. DO NOT ANSWER!


2. If their first message is just a kissy face or heart emoji.

What do you respond to that? NOTHING. How do you respond to that? YOU DON’T.


3. If they ask you to go on a date at a shooting range.

This actually happened to me, and I was so caught off guard. He was super nice and flirty, then all the sudden he asked me on a date to a shooting range with him. Some random stranger asking me to shoot guns with him. UNMATCHED!



4. If he uses the same exact pickup lines for other girls.

Most guys are straight up players. One time, my friend and I matched with the same guy, and he sent us the same exact messages. I got copied and pasted. I get it is Tinder and all, but come on, make some effort here, I am not that easy. BYE!



5. If he only has one picture and no bio.

There is a chance he’s cat-fishing you. Especially if they look like straight up model shots that like they could be a Abercrombie model. Sometimes the picture is not even of them, but of their cat or dog. They are just trying to lure us in. SWIPE LEFT LADIES!




6. If they only have pictures with a group of people.

If you cannot tell which one’s profile the, which can be awkward if you guess the wrong guy. I have had guys even say “whatever one you want” which is also really werid. Therefore, DO NOT SWIPE LEFT!



 7. If their pictures are all up close selfies.

Do you do anything? What are your hobbies, what do you do on the weekend, where even are you in your pictures because all I can see IS YOUR FACE!



8. When he right off the bat asks for a hookup.

I get that Tinder is basically for one night stands, but you have no clue who he is or where he has been. Who knows, he could be a psychopath. NO THANK YOU!




9. When one of his profile pictures is just of his cat or dog.

I’m sorry, is this a dating website for your pets? I forgot that is what Tinder is used for, my bad. SWIPE!




10. His pictures are of him at the gym or shirtless.

Okay, we get it, you have a nice body. But, like if we cannot see your face, how can we tell if your not crazy. No need to be like that, if we wanted to see how ripped you are, we would ask. YOU DO NOT NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!




So, if you want to avoid creepers or stalkers on Tinder, follow this checklist and I’m sure you’ll end up with a good one in no time!





Belle Mead

CU Boulder '21

Belle Mead grew up in Manasquan, New Jersey, and for the past four years, attended at The University of Colorado Boulder. She majored in Journalism and minored in Creative Writing. Belle absolutely loves photography, fashion, and traveling. In the future, Belle aspires to write for Cosmopolitan or any lifestyle based magazine. She was also apart of the sorority, Alpha Chi Omega and the photography club at CU. 
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