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10 Disney Characters That Have Us Feeling Some Type of Way

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Growing up, we all watched our fair share of all types of cartoon movies. Even if you weren’t a Disney/Pixar stan as a little kid, odds are you’ve seen at least some of their movies. Many sexual awakenings were brought to us by Disney. Here is a list of 10 hot cartoon characters that probably got the job done.  

  1. Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider from “Tangled” is my dream man. His crooked nose and complicated moral compass make me flustered to this day. The lantern scene has single-handedly kept my expectations way too high for any man. What about his outfit and floppy hair, too? Swoon. Bring me a floating lantern, and I’m yours.

Flynn Rider from Tangled
Photo by Walt Disney Pictures
  1. Peter Pan

Although not the most attractive cartoon character Disney has to offer, the titular character Peter Pan was one of my first crushes. I think we can all admit we resented Wendy a little bit growing up because we wanted her man. I guess there’s something to be said about a lost boy who wants to take you on adventures. 

  1. Prince Eric

Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid” is the cartoon character version of a chiseled Greek statue. With his ocean blue eyes, wavy black hair, and sharp jawline, he’s a man I’d be more than happy to bring home to my parents. Plus, he’s got a dog. Winner.

  1. Aladdin and Jasmine

While Aladdin is a very attractive character, Jasmine is jaw-dropping gorgeous, too. The scene where Jasmine is kidnapped by Jafar and has to pretend to be in love with him sexaully awakened me as a kid. Can’t explain why or how, but even to this day that scene gets me all hot and bothered. And I think we can all agree that when Aladdin is describing her to Genie, running his hands through his hair with an exacerbated sigh… oof. Huge thanks to the producers of “Aladdin” for making both of their protagonists stunning. 

  1. Nick Wilde

Honestly I am freaked out about how attracted I am to the animated fox from “Zootopia.” Nick Wilde is the full package: smart, sly, and cunning. Everytime he calls Judy “sweetheart” or some other cheeky nickname… yeah, it gets me. This fox really captures the thrill of bad boy turned good.

  1. Meg

I love Megara from “Hercules” because she is smart, sexy, and sassy. Any girl who can crack a joke and be cute while doing it is my hero. Her confidence and power to control Hades, who is the god of the underworld, inspires me. She simply is an icon. 

  1. Elastigirl 

Elastigirl is the ultimate MILF. Fighting crime while raising three super kids, she really keeps the Incredible family together, and she looks good doing it. Not to mention, her flexibility is enough to get anyone going.

  1. Simba

Who wouldn’t have a sexual awakening when they first see teenage Simba in “The Lion King?” His carefree attitude and optimistic approach to life brings such good vibes. Not to mention, for a lion, he is very attractive. Hakuna Matata with me, baby. 

  1. Prince Naveen 

I would argue that Prince Naveen had a little bit of an attitude problem in “The Princess and the Frog,” but why am I still so into it? He even spent most of the movie as a frog, but despite all that, he is still extremely attractive. His confidence, support of Tiana, and his outfit really get me going. He is the perfect mixture of a good and bad boy, with that slight Maledonian accent and flirtatious smirk. 

Disney world castle
Original photo by TaTiana Tramble
  1. Lightning McQueen

Even though he’s a car, Lightning McQueen from “Cars” captured my heart when I was little. The confidence, swagger, and rockstar attitude – I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love? Don’t even get me started on his friendship with Mater and his family back in Radiator Springs. I would definitely go for a ride with Lightning McQueen. Vroom vroom.

Lanaya Oliver

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