Why Grubhub is Your Final's Week BFF

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With dead week and finals week coming up, late night study sessions are inevitable. From the library to Clark A, students are studying and sleeping through their last days at CSU. With this, it is easy to forget basic needs such as hygiene, sleep, and eating. But this time of the year, taking care of your mind and body is crucial to get your brain working. 

Late night studying is the perfect time for late night snacking, making Grubhub a perfect way to get your midnight cravings! Grubhub makes great food easy and accessible, delivering right to your dorm or apartment. Without the worry of walking in the dark and cold nights, Grubhub makes it a safe and practical way to ensure you get what you want. No matter how busy and crammed this time of the year may be, you never have to worry about time and efficiency. Takeout shouldn't be a stressor during the most stressful time of the year, so use the app you know will make it easy. 

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