While I should have been reading my textbook and talking various notes for my classes, the pull of social media took my attention away and I ventured onto Instagram.  I’m familiar with the needy feeling of a clingy feed pulling at my fingers.


Usually, when I do check on those endless pits of communication, it’s to review posts that I’ve seen before and stories that really don’t serve a purpose in having my attention. It’s an addiction, I think, and we all have it.


However, I’m not here to rant about something. I want to share a instagram account that I’m not sure is as popular as it needs to be.


So, if you’re not familiar with TSA, they’re the people who run the security checkpoints at the airport, while also running most of the magic with the luggage behind the scenes.


And of course, going through people’s things is a pretty hearty part of the job. There’s some people who disagree with how controlling and excessive they can be, and others who say TSA doesn’t do enough.


That being said, they do manage to catch a bunch of wacky stuff that people try to get through security and onto fully-packed planes.


  1. Replica rocket propelled grenade launchers


What would you do if you had seen these in someone’s carry on?


2. A glove with spikes on it..


Where’s the other one?


3. Baseball shaped hand grenades


While they didn’t actually find these items, TSA is often halting airport agendas to assure the safety of passengers.


4. And a sword!?


Perfect for the Thanksgiving Turkey!