The Top Ten Things I Have In My Purse

Hi Readers! We all carry around a purse/backpack everywhere we go and all have our different essentials. Today, I will be telling you about my top ten items I always have to have with me everywhere I go.


1. My Chapstick

My lips get constantly dry throughout the day due to living in Colorado. I do not think I could survive a day without my Chapstick! I use various variety of brands and flavors, but I know I always need to carry one with me.   

2. My Phone

I need my phone at all times. Whether I am GPSing to my next event or i am calling/texting someone, I always need my phone to help me get through my day.

3. My Glasses

I am super blind without my glasses and have recently been wearing them more often. I cannot drive without them and therefore, I always need them with me ready to go. 

4. Gum

Gum is essential in my life! Every time I go to the store, I have to buy a new pack to make sure I never run out. Sometimes I chew gum for fun, but I chew it to have fresh breath of course!

5. Water bottle

I am a huge Water Gal and I need my Camelbak with me everywhere I go. Water makes me feel more awake and rejuvenated, therefore I drink it all day to keep me going. It essentially is my coffee.

6. Hand sanitizer

I am probably the biggest germaphobe you’ll ever meet. I hate sharing things and the thought of getting sick grosses me out. I have to sanitize very often throughout the day to avoid getting sick.

7. Lotion

A necessity with hand sanitizer would have to be lotion because hand sanitizer can dry your hands out alot! By keeping the lotion with me, I avoid that issue and plus I like to smell great!

8. A Snack

It never fails me when I get hungry throughout the day. Whether it's a Kind bar or a Starburst pack, I need a snack to get me through my day.  

9. Phone Charger

My phone dies a lot and I always need my charger! It's very beneficial to have my phone charger with me throughout the day.

10. Hair tie

I lose rubber bands constantly and sometimes my hair really bothers me, which is why I always need to keep rubber bands on me at all times!