Not Every High School Relationship is Destined to Fail

I can bet everyone has heard someone say, “going into college in a relationship is a bad idea.” I’ve seen this topic pop up on social media so many times and it really got me thinking.


I have been dating my best friend since senior year of high school. Not only has our relationship been even stronger in college, but we also did long distance for a year on top of that.

I started Freshman year of college at Arizona State University, while my boyfriend stayed in Colorado to start school here. Long distance relationships are not easy, but when you love someone as much as I love him, you make what you have work.


I can be the first person to say Facetime doesn’t come close to enough when you miss someone that you love.


I moved back to Colorado this past summer to attend Colorado State and feel like I was finally home again. Home is not necessarily a place for me, but more so the people in my life that make me feel so loved and supported.


I remember being in high school hearing classmates discussing the negative aspects of going into college in a relationship. The points they made focused so much on not being able to “party” (that can be so many different things for different people) if you’re in a relationship.


To me, that’s more about the person you’re in that relationship with.


The relationship can work if you both want it to.


I hope that anyone going into college in a relationship can use this message as a way to see it doesn’t always have to fail.