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The Latest Internet Craze On Upgrading Cheap Falsies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CSU chapter.

I love lashes. If you ever see me around campus, you’ll either see me rocking the no makeup look or an eyelid full of glitter with lashes reaching for the sky. The more dramatic the lash, the better the look! But to get that perfect fake eyelashes to make your look the way you want, you have to know which style you need! False eyelashes come in so many different styles and are made from so many things! The most popular being faux mink lashes that give you a wispy, doll like effect and are perfect for any occasion out there. The only problem: they’re expensive!


These perfect pair of lashes can cost upwards to $15 a pack, meaning no ones bank account is safe! But lately online, people have found a way to make your cheap $2 lashes look like $20 ones! All you need is a pair of lashes you don’t mind messing up and a spoolie! Grab your lashes and leave them places in their cartridge, to insure they won’t be going anywhere once you start going at them! Then, grab your spoolie and start using different methods such as going back and forth or sideways to brush them out! It’s suggested you go rough and rotate the spoolie to get the desired effect! After a couple of minutes of brushing, your lashes should be more separated and wispy at the ends!


This trick has been tried by many online and give you a great effect on your lashes for cheap! Now you can utilize some cheap, plastic lashes and wear them loud and proud! You can turn $1 ELF Lashes into $30 Lilly Lashes in minutes! There is no shame in being cute on a budget. Makeup gets expensive and it can be hard buying the latest sales when you’re on a college girl budget! But now tips and tricks are coming out to make sure you are poppin’ on a low balance. Transform your lashes and show me how well it worked! Tag @HerCampusCSU on Instagram to show us your newest pair of lashes!

Hi, my name is Karony (Care-uh-knee)! I am a second year HDFS student at Colorado State University and I love being involved on campus. You'll probably find me working VS PINK events on campus or fundraising for Camp Kesem. Check me out on Instagram: @AmatoDaVoi