Freshman Year Reflection

As I approach my final week here at CSU, I decided it would be a great time to write an article on my experience here. Reflecting on this past year, I have exceeded my comfortable boundary zone in many areas. I joined new clubs, new student organizations, declared my major, made different friends, drifted from old friends and most importantly, enjoyed the whole process.


I was extremely nervous for college. Many of my old friends all has a wide range of emotions and feelings when discussing college with me. I was left unsure how to feel and really just wanted to experience it for myself. The summer after graduation flew by and before I knew it it was August 17th, move in day.


My roommate and I had never met in person, just only over social media. I was not too worried about that aspect because I figured we would get along great and I was right. Move-in weekend is so chaotic and sad. I was leaving my mom and sister for another adventure. It's been tough but I am really excited to spend the summer with them. Time moved on and i adjusted quickly to this new life.


College is so much more different than high school or even AP classes for that matter. I truly have to put my best effort in to obtain good grades. This was an adjustment for me from high school and took a little time or me to grasp. I got the hang of it and this semester has been going a lot smoother for me.


Freshman year will change you. This can be minor or major but it some aspect you will change. I was very shy in high school and got more out of my comfort zone in college. I tried to let go out my shy side in order to make some new friends. This change is for the better and i am happy it happened!


I am sad to leave but also happy to go home. I will miss the person i shared my life with for the past 8 months. Even though, I know the summer will fly by I am still sad to leave. I am excited to see my high school friends. Returning in the fall will be awesome but i am going to enjoy my family while I can!