FALL-ing in love with Colorado Pt. 2

    Well, it’s 10/10 official Rammies, its Spooky Season™!

    Welcome officially to Fall 2018, and even better yet, Fall 2018 on campus here. How did y’all celebrate? Showing Aggie Pride at the Orange Out on Saturday? Laughing at the band’s ingenious (I’m slightly biased as a member) show to “Remember the 21st of September?”

    As you may recall, I’ve been writing this series about some of the best parts of fall here in the Fort Collins area- and while I’ve been a little busy these past few weekends with football shows, get ready for next week of Ash vs Estes!

    However, this week I wanted to highlight some of the fall delights you can experience right from campus, even in between classes. Because I’m a firm believer that money doesn’t always need to be spent to make lasting memories.

As you walk around, take a gaze out past the Rec towards the mountains standing by the LSC… You breathe in deep and can see way out there that oh-so-special “A” resting there, slowly being surrounded by more and more golden yellow hues. Laying out there is personally one of my favorite places to see the sunset. (Apart from atop Horsetooth itself!)

    Continuing around, the Oval is slowly becoming more and more crisp in those chilly mornings we’re starting to experience, and the corridor walking from Clark towards the BSB is becoming more and more picturesque with each passing evening.

    Hidden spots like the Sherwood Forest or the horticulture area right beside AV are thriving in their Colorado prime. And students all across the different colleges are noticing, and taking advantage of those places, to meet with friends, to hammock the hours away, to drink cocoa and coffee, or study. (That small quad inside the library outside is also one of my personal favorite places to study outdoors- in my humble opinion.)

    Your walks or bikes to classes and home, can always be more than a simple commute, provided you keep your eyes open and take a moment to see each little small detail.

    Y’all, it’s Week Six. The semester is flying by already, and if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you might have some mixed feelings about summer ending and fall beginning. (Just kidding, Autumn is my favorite season and I couldn’t be more excited!)

    But in all seriousness, we’re over a month into another semester here in Fort Collins, and in just a few more short weeks it will be Fall Break, and then exams and Winter Break, and another semester is in the bag! As some of the first major exams of the semester are ending, please remember to step back and take a breather for yourself.

    Time, like the seasons, is short. In a blink of an eye, everything changes. The “Circle of Life” so to say, continues. I encourage you all to take a moment and just find something here that makes you feel a little more connected and grounded.  Take care of yourselves and others.

See you in Estes!  Stay happy, healthy, and safe Rams.