FALL-ing in love with Colorado

 Hey Rams!


These next few weeks, I’m trying something new. I’m calling it my own personal mini-series within a series. I know that I, especially, felt insanely bored and “stuck” living in the Res Halls, without a car of my own, and getting deep into that routine of class-study-eat-repeat.

    So, have no fear… I am here- to offer a solution! It’s my favorite time of the year, and I’m going full tourist mode with some fun, local, and cheap things to do/see with friends this season. All within our own Colorado Backyard!

    This weekend, a few girls from my classes and I tackled the beautiful Stanley Hotel for spooks, Rocky Mountain National Park for outdoorsy pics, and Nederland for a Carousel of Happiness and I honestly had the time of my life. While I had never been to either places, as a gal from the East, most of the other women in the group were in state and grew up going to these little local hauntings. But that being said, whether being a tourist in a new place, or being a tourist in your own hometown, it’s the people we are with and the laughs and smiles we share that we end up remembering the most of all.

    While sometimes the solutions to feeling “stuck at school” may seem like going out somewhere expensive or fancy for a full weekend of a “lavish college lifestyle,” more often than not, it’s the little things- like eating a sickly amount of salt water taffy and ice cream and pizza on a fun road trip- that really make the short weekends worth it all.

    As the weeks dread on, getting closer to those (actually) terrifying midterm exams… I encourage y’all to take a few moments to get outside and explore this awesome state that we get to study in!

    Stay happy, healthy, and safe Rammies! And look out for ya gurl on the hunt for some really nice pumpkin patches around here. (Because pumpkin spice lattes are out, football is being played, and the sun is slowly setting earlier and earlier… FALL IS COMING!)