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Dear Mr. Pimple,

I bet it’s pretty clear why I’m writing to you now. It’s been a while, I’ll be honest. I figured the time I saw you a few weeks ago to be the last, and that you were gone for good, but I was wrong.

I suppose it’s time we talk about this again because I believe the things we said to each other clearly didn’t work.

I see your point in coming back over and over. You don’t like the dirt and the mess that comes with daily life and it’s hard to not want to cry out when things get hard.

I was upset when you first came back. Actually, you having the nerve to show the ugly side again though we’ve already spoken frankly surprised me. You’ve got guts. The thing is, my feelings have been dominating our relationship, and I recognize that I haven’t been thinking of yours.

You come back because you’re angry, or thirsty, or tired of being unprotected in that harsh sunlight we get every day, and I know I’ve been completely unattentive with that. Mr. Pimple, such is life. When things get difficult and messy, I know at least I have to find the resiliency and take on my challenges.

But nobody likes to be ignored. That’s what I’ve been missing, isn’t it?

Tell you what, I’m going to start caring. You also deserve love and care even when you are upset, because I know you’re just trying to send me a message. You care about me, Mr. Pimple, I’m not blind, and it’s time I send some your way. I’ll try to drink more water, and I’ll eat more vegetables. Heck, I’ll even go talk to my dermatologist again! I’ll make this work, Mr. Pimple. Just know that I do see your effort, and that I want you to be happy too. For us.



Alexandra MacDonald is a first-year student at Colorado State University studying journalism and media communication. She has received recognition for her work in blogs such as Two-Story Melody and worked alongside WITI in their editorial team. She enjoys books, discussing current events, and spending time with friends. Her family is her life, especially including her cat Kory.
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