The Cost of Equality

Billions of US dollars are spent every year in cosmetics, cars, and luxury items. Many things, we truly do not need, but want. We all want the new, trending  technology and clothing… but what is the actual price of those things? As Americans, we are fortunate, most of our population has proper housing and education. Many of us have had our difficulties, but our basic needs were provided for. Not so far away, there are men, women, and children that dream of running water, electricity, and comfort knowing they a have a meal coming that night. Many people and political leaders will quickly turn and say, “that is not America’s problem”,  but, why is it not your problem? Is it simply because of where someone was born?


With the United States supposedly being a global leader, we ought to help change what we have the ability to. Therefore, as the people who are leading the world in consuming, we should help. The United States population spent trillions of dollars last year. If we were to cut into that and take 200 million (less than .1%) we could essentially eradicate famine and give those who need it enough water to survive for a year. Surely, that would be a small sacrifice of a less than a dollar per person. If we took a little bit more, we could provide housing and set up schooling. IF. This is not a question of the ability, it is a question of implementing. World powers all over the world have the ability to make this change and help reverse the damage done. Action has to be taken by the people, this is a democracy, which means we are the voice of change. It starts with one voice. Year after year, global agreements are made to eradicate poverty, disease, and suffrage. Extremely wealthy countries sign, and then fail, while the nameless continue to suffer. The reality is, it is on us, the people. Our voices are what stir the pot. The mindsets of Americans need to change from fortunate to grateful. When we decide that we want all humans to have basic rights such as food, water, housing and education, it will happen.


When will we fight for what is morally and ethically right?


When will we give the extra to those who are living with less than minimum?


The true cost is large-scale dedication to change.