8 Advent Calendars From Target That You Need This Season

Every year my mom gets my brother and I one of those little plastic advent calendars with 24 pieces of chocolate to count down the days until Christmas. As a kid, I loved any reason to eat chocolate daily and loved counting down the days until Santa would come. Now as a college student, I still love any reason to eat chocolate daily and get just as excited for Christmas because it means finals are over and it is time for a break. Even better, there are now all different advent calendars for all different interests and here are the best ones you can get from Target.

As kids we hated getting socks as presents and now socks are usually top on my list. Thankfully Target has a sock advent calendar for all different interests! My favorite is the Woodland critters calendar because I’m a big fan of animals but there are a ton of other ones like game of thrones, mickey mouse, and 3 different harry potter ones! They also have all different men’s socks and a couple for kids in case you want to gift one of these to someone other than yourself. The best part is these are all only $15! What’s better than 12 socks for only $15?

Target also has many different beauty boxes with different price ranges and different items included. They have a bath bomb advent calendar that includes 12 different bath bombs with different scents for only $12! Another one of their calendars is a 12 days of nail color  set with 12 different colors of nail polish from Defy and Inspire and this one is only $15. They market it as 9 free nail polishes because $15 is the price of only 3 of these nail polishes so not only is it a great deal but you get a ton of different cute winter colors with your Christmas countdown. My favorite advent calendar for the past few years has been Target’s holiday beauty advent calendar called 12 Days of Beauty and it is the best treat yourself gift for this season. Every year Target releases a new beauty box for $20 and it has 12 totally different products in it. In previous years this is how I have gotten some of my favorite products, last year I got the elf mint lip exfoliator, the pixi glow tonic toner, and the real techniques complexion sponge (which itself is almost $8) and I use all of these products weekly or daily even. I get this beauty box every year and I’m always pleasantly surprised by the products inside. If you are worried about not using any of the products you can also look on the back and see if there are products you would actually use. Usually I just buy it and anything I don’t use I re-gift to my mom or friends.

There are also other advent calendars for the kid in you. There are ones like this puzzle advent calendar for the brain game lovers who like to stay sharp. There is the classic calendar with 24 chocolates that are themed from the new grinch christmas movie. For the builders there is a lego city advent calendar that includes 24 different items ranging to mini figurines to a space shuttle for the ultimate Christmas lego set. For those who love the newest toys there is  hatchimals colleggtibles calendar which has 24 days of fun surprises for only $12!

Being college students most of us really just look forward to the holidays because we know it is time for winter break and time to actually relax. These advent calendars bring the fun back into the holidays and many have 24 surprises which gives you something to look forward to during finals week and the weeks leading up to break. All of these are also under $30 and many are $15 or under making them affordable and easy to sneak into your budget!