15 Female Artists You Need To Listen To Right Now

Yola Carter

Born in United Kingdom, this lady knows how to SING. Yola Carter specializes in a unique down home folk and southern vibe that whispers a new take on Lynyrd Skynyrd. Her homey voice is perfect background noise for the next time you decide to clean your room.

Song suggestion: What You Do

Alison May

Her voice sounds like how a ghost down looks. With a dark and low whisper, Alison’s voice is one that is easy to fall asleep to and one you look forward to waking up to as well.

Song suggestion: Loved / Dark


Jorja Smith

Her mix of blues, acoustic spit, and cool girl vibes is the musical cocktail to put you in the right head space before your date with Jeremy from your Chemistry lab. Add her new album to your designated "spice it up" playlist.

Song suggestion: Where Did I Go?


She cannot be confined to a single genre and we don’t want her to. Laura Pergolizzi, or LP, has written songs for Rihanna, Cher, and even the Backstreet Boys. Besides being a great song writer, she also has a memorable gravelly tone that is both haunting and sexy.

Song suggestion: Muddy Waters

Elizabeth Cotten​

Elizabeth was a folk and blues musician who’s raspy voice has carried on years following her passing. On top of this, she was a left-handed guitarist, leading her to form her own unique guitar playing style that paved the path for other incredible artists.

Song suggestion: Freight Train

Doja Cat

This up and coming rapper is changing the game. Most popularly known for her music video for “MOOO!”, YouTube star Doja Cat gave us the Old McDonald remake we didn’t know we needed.

Song suggestion: Go To Town

Steffany Gretzinger​

Even though Steffany is a contemporary Christian singer, you don’t have to be religious to get goosebumps when you hear her voice. You can recognize her songs within the first few seconds of her belting out hymns and it is near impossible to not listen to the entire song once she starts making noise.

Song suggestion: King Of My Heart

Phoebe Bridgers​

It seems like Phoebe has a song for every mood experienced and every situation lived. Her relatable lyrics and simple yet striking voice is hard to dismiss. Plus, she is an unbelievable song writer.

Song suggestion: Scott Street

Alison Wonderland

This EDM producer and singer takes control of the stage. Head bang to “I Want U” and support female EDM musicians!

Song suggestion: Good Girls Bad Boys


This Chicago rapper brings to the table smooth lyrics written straight from the heart. Her live performances are even more compelling than listening to her through headphones alone.

Song Suggestion: Yesterday

Mazzy Star

The lead singer of Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval, blasts a devilish innocence into every song she sings. Ideal prime time sad girl music. The instrumentals are daunting and the 1990's albums are ideal for a cloudy walk to class.

Song Suggestion: Into Dust


LissA’s music is both provocative and upbeat, making you want to dance alone in your room and text your current Tinder crush.

Song suggestion: Zimt

Ana Tijoux​

Stunting her unique style with confidence, Ana is a French-Chilean musician who happily provides the world with fantastic songs to dance to. You don’t need to know multiple languages to bump to her tunes.

Song suggestion: 1977

Tracy Chapman

This grunge folk queen has served us with classics like “Fast Car” and “Give Me One Reason”. Unmatched by her raspy alto voice, we stan forever.

Song suggestion: Smoke and Ashes

Loretta Lynn

Loretta gave our grandmas so many girl power anthems that continue to inspire. Mix up your music taste with some country man hating melodies.

Song suggestion: Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’