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Day n Vegas is hosting their first three-day hip hop festival the first weekend of November at the Las Vegas Fairgrounds. The almost too good to be true lineup includes well known and upcoming artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Juice Wrld, Summer Walker, Mac Ayres, Nav, Miguel— the list goes on. The headliners, J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar hope to bring the thousands of fans coming from all over the nation together for the love of rhythm, blues, and a memorable time. 


If you’re joining the Day n Vegas train, continue reading. If you’re planning on experiencing a music festival shortly, also listen up for a couple of pointers.


1.) Rain or Shine, You’re Poppin’ All the Time 

Weather determines everything! Day n Vegas says the event is happening rain or shine, so be prepared. Meteorologist are predicting high 70’s and low 50’s, which means it’s crop top and jogger season even in the fall. There’s nothing worse than being in a mosh pit or dancing and sweating uncontrollably, so dress accordingly. Since the event is providing lockers, invest in one for the entire weekend to store a hoodie, track jacket, or bomber when the sun goes down. 

2.) Better Call Becky with the Good Hair

Speaking of mosh pits and dancing, the last thing you want is someone snagging your hair and killing your vibe during your favorite artist’s set. If your hair is long, braids, slicked/parted ponytails, beanies or bucket hats are recommended to keep that mane contained! Accessories aren’t just for your body, give your hair some love too. Glitter, jewels, temporary color, clips, and scrunchies are some of the latest hair accessory trends and your time to finally utilize them if you haven’t already! 

3.) Life isn’t Perfect, but Your Outfit Will Be

When searching for festival looks, Pinterest is your best friend! Whether you’re going for an edgy, grudge, streetwear, or boho look, Pinterest has all your ideas in one app. To keep your ideas organized and unforgettable, you can pin (aka save) each picture under a “Day n Vegas Ideas” board. Once you’ve brainstormed, start looking and buying— the festival is coming faster than you think. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve been drowning in big girl bills, books, and saving up for the next semester. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from buying cute and trendy outfits. Shein, an online store, provides the trendiest two-piece sets, crop tops, joggers, accessories, etc at amazingly cheap prices. They even provide college discounts, so use it to your advantage! You also don’t want to wait last minute so you can try on your outfits and make slight adjustments to the overall look. 

4.) Fanny or Crossbody? Why Not Both?

Carry your chapstick, ID, money, extra hair ties, makeup, mophies, gum, oil blotting strips, etc in your fanny pack or crossbody. Whether you’re wearing your fanny over the shoulder or on your hip, make sure it compliments the entire fit. If you want to show off the title or graphic on your shirt, you might want to carry a little backpack for that day. A backpack with one large compartment and one little compartment is allowed at Day n Vegas and not to mention, you can throw your hands up in the air way more carelessly. Whatever type of bag you’re bringing, have some fun with it! If it’s solid and neutral color bags, you’re doing it wrong like Drake! Checkered, floral, tie-dye, and other prints can help spice up your overall look, especially if you’re planning on wearing solid color clothing articles.

5.) Stay Hydrated 

Remember, this event is three days long! You’ll be jumping, running, dancing and maybe even crying tears of joy? Who knows! But you can be prepared. There will be food vendors and free water dispensers to fill up your Camelbaks and plastic bottles. Utilize these benefits and, of course, plan accordingly so you don’t miss your desired sets! Prioritize your health first, by attempting to drink AT LEAST four bottles of water a day.

6.) Keep a Close Circle

While it will be impossible to keep the same circle of friends and family, try to keep two to three people you know in your range at all times. Music will be playing loudly throughout the day and it’ll be difficult to locate your friends via phone call or text. Keeping a close circle at all times helps protect you and your loved ones while having a good time!


Keep in mind, this is Day n Vegas’ first event and there is potential of some unorganized planning. As a festival goer, it is your responsibility to read the directions on the Day n Vegas website for FAQ and download the app which will eventually provide the lineup and instant updates during the event! Everyone stay safe and have fun!

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