Meet Luis Uceta

Luis Uceta

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Hometown: Binghamton, NY

Campus Activities: Football Team

Why you came to Cornell: Ivy League school with a state school feel and Division 1 football



Class: Marketing

Book: The Adventures of Huck Finn

Movie: The Dark Knight

TV Show: Fresh Prince

Music Genre: R&B


Let’s Get Personal

Relationship status: Single

You in 3 words: Athletic, loyal, passionate

Total Pet Peeves: Bad breath, dirty dishes

Favorite Cornell Memory: Beating Penn at Penn stadium in Philly

Every guy needs these 3 things: Confidence, class, and game

Perfect date in 10 words or less: Going to beach with my girl

Choice superpower: Flying

Post-grad plans: Sales-Marketing

Favorite place in the world: At my momma's house

Relationship deal breakers: If a girl is always investigating and too clingy

Most played song on iPod: Get Lit - A$AP Rocky

Feelings on girls who approach guys: I'm always down with that. There's nothing wrong with a girl making the first move.