Cornell Resolutions: Welcome Back!

Hey, collegiettes! Welcome back to your spring semester at Cornell. I'm Amanda, your Campus Correspondent. Spring semester is a great time at Cornell- and because I was abroad last spring, I haven't experienced one in a while! On top of that, this is my senior spring. It's weird to imagine graduating. But it also means I have to seize Cornell by the horns and go out in style. (High School Musical style, perhaps?)

I have a few resolutions for this semester, things that I've either loved doing at Cornell and want to make sure I do again or things I haven't done yet. I hereby resolve to:

  • Eat at three new restaurants in the Commons.
  • Have a 'romantic' picnic in the Plantations.
  • Go to an acapella concert.
  • Wear flip-flops to class in January!
  • Walk all the way around Beebe Lake holding hands (do this with girlfriends so that the boyfriend doesn't get any ideas.)
  • Eat in all the dining halls at least once.
  • Have a potluck in my apartment.
  • Go explore Ithaca's natural beauty (yes, even in winter.)

As the semester goes on, I'll keep you updated on how these resolutions turn out. Wish me luck!

What about you, collegiettes? Anything you need to accomplish before you leave Cornell?