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The Best Shows on Netflix with Queer Representation



I’m always on the lookout for LGBTQ+ characters in my favorite TV shows. I’ve gotten a little tired of watching the same, predictable heterosexual relationships play out on television. Of course, I love Jim and Pam, but I also want to see other kinds of romantic relationships, especially relationships I can more closely relate to. I’ve sorted through a lot of shows looking for the ones with both interesting plots and at least some LGBTQ+ representation. Here are my favorites:


Schitt’s Creek



Schitt’s Creek is the first show I’ve seen that has an openly pansexual character. When I started watching the show, I thought it was super funny, but in the first few episodes, I didn’t see any LGBTQ+ characters. So when David started casually talking about his pansexuality, I was super excited. David has had relationships with men and women on the show, but his sexuality is never made out to be a huge deal. There’s no big coming out arc, and everyone around him seems to be very accepting of his sexuality, which is a nice change of pace.




While Riverdale doesn’t seem to put the main focus on the show’s queer romances, both seasons one and two have featured LGBTQ+ relationships. I love the drama and the mystery of Riverdale, but for me what makes the show even better is that it doesn’t shy away from having queer relationships, and it doesn’t queer bait like so many other shows do that want to attract an LGBTQ+ audience but don’t want to show actual queer relationships.


The Fosters


This show has an impressive diversity of queer characters, many of whom are central to the plot. Two of the main characters are married moms, a rare representation of older queer characters who are parents. The show also prominently features trans characters and a character who questions his gender identity. The Fosters does a great job of showing queer people at a variety of stages in their lives in a variety of situations.


Wynonna Earp



Wynonna Earp isn’t the kind of show I would normally watch, but I recently started watching it because I’d seen a lot about the relationship between Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught. The show’s strange premise grew on me, and Waverly and Officer Haught’s relationship definitely doesn’t disappoint.


Everything Sucks



Unfortunately, this show got cancelled after only one season, but I think it’s so cute. Watching Kate come to terms with her sexuality amidst constant tormenting at school feels really raw, and I think it will strike a chord with many LGBTQ+ people. I think the show is relatable in many aspects, but Kate’s story is an important one, especially since there have been many portrayals of men coming out during high school, but far less stories have tackled what it’s like to be a gay woman in high school.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


I adore Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for many reasons, (see this article for more information) but one of them is its queer characters. The song “Gettin’ Bi” is a classic bisexual anthem, and they even manage to squeeze in a song that’s a slight nod to asexuals/aromantics, who it feels like are always left out of the narrative. The relationship between Valencia and Beth that’s just casually introduced at the end of the third season was a big deal to me. This is a show that doesn’t use queer relationships for more viewership. It shows queer relationships are a part of life and don’t necessarily have to be shocking plot twists.


What are you waiting for? Start watching these awesome shows!

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