6 Reasons To Be Happy Winter Break is Over

Winter Break seems to last forever. Between avoiding people from high school wherever you go in your hometown to dealing with relatives at every holiday gathering, you really start missing Ithaca. Sure, it can be fun at some points, but after your fourth season of your favorite show on Netflix, things start to drag on a bit. Here’s a list of six reasons you should be pumped that winter break is finally over:

1. You can finally give up on your New Year’s resolution to hit the gym and instead hit up Nasties for some mozzarella sticks. 

2. No more parents means you no longer have to sneak out of the house late at night when you want to go somewhere. Now you can go wherever you want at any hour you want! Uris Library at 1am? Here I come! 

3. At last you get to escape relatives asking what you’re planning on doing with your life. You finally can stop explaining to your Aunt Susan that you started off in Animal Science, decided it wasn't you and switched to Sociology, but then had a mid-college crisis and are now considering the Hotel School. 

4. You can start getting that post holiday body back with the assistance of Ithaca. 10 hours at the gym doing butt workouts? No results. Walking to class everyday up the slope? The best toned body you've ever achieved. 

5. You’re able to use your brain again. It’s fun to watch Netflix for 10 hours straight, but afterwards when you can't even remember what 2+2 is, it gets kind of scary.

6. You get to see your best friends again. Sure, you reunited with your high school pals during break, but there’s nothing like finally getting back to the people that help you survive Cornell.