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5 Underrated TV Shows You Need to Watch

As someone who constantly uses Netflix as a way to procrastinate, I’ve pretty much binged my way through all the basic TV shows you can find. Gossip Girl, The Office, One Tree Hill – you name it, I’ve seen it. If you’re like me and have already run through the mainstream shows, let me stop you before you watch Grey’s Anatomy for the third time this year. Here are five shows that are just as good you might not have heard about yet.


1. Sweet/Vicious

What It’s About: When Jules, a seemingly innocent sorority girl, and Ophelia, the school slacker, learn their school’s constant stream of sexual assault cases aren’t being handled properly, they decide to take matters into their own hands and become campus vigilantes.  

Why You Need to Watch It: Not only does this show have one of the most kickass friendships you’ll find on TV (Jules and Ophelia take being partners in crime to a literal level), it also spreads the word about important topics like sexual assault. It’s the perfect mix of serious, meaningful content and funny, lighthearted moments.

Where You Can Watch: Full episodes can be found on Amazon or YouTube.  


2. Lovesick

What It’s About: The show opens with the main character, Dylan, finding out he has chlamydia (weird I know, but bear with me). This forces him to contact all of his exes and relive his past relationships. As if things weren’t bad enough, he soon realizes he might still be in love with his best friend and ex-roommate, just in time to watch her get married to someone else. Each episode follows the story of one of his exes and shifts between the past and the present.  

Why You Need to Watch It: If you like self-deprecating British humor, this is the show for you. I found myself laughing out loud through most of the episodes. The show also depicts love in a relatable way while avoiding being eye-rollingly cliche.

Where You Can Watch: Full episodes can be found on Netflix and Amazon.


3. The Blacklist

What It’s About: Fugitive and ex-government agent Raymond Reddington turns himself in to the authorities after going missing for years. He says he has a “blacklist” of all the world’s worst killers and criminals, and he’s willing to help the FBI catch them. But he has a catch of his own: he’ll only work with newly hired special agent Liz Keen, who has no idea who he is. 

Why You Need to Watch It: James Spader’s acting is brilliant and Reddington’s character is so complex. You’ll find yourself questioning whether his intentions are good or bad along with the true nature of his relationship with Liz. This is a show in which no one is who he or she seems, and certain plot twists will leave you shocked and hooked.

Where You Can Watch: Full episodes can be found on NBC, Netflix or Amazon.


4. Younger

What It’s About: A newly divorced mom, Liza, moves to Brooklyn where she poses as a 26 year old in order to get a job at a publishing company. But being 26 isn’t as easy as she thought, especially when she has to deal with coworkers and a young tattoo artist who seems to have his eyes on her. The show follows Liza’s struggle to keep her real age a secret while trying to find success in both her career and social life.

Why You Need to Watch It: Hilary Duff and Nico Tortorella are in it. Do you really need more reason than that?

Where You Can Watch: Full episodes can be found on TVLand or Amazon.


5. Red Band Society

What It’s About: This show follows the lives of a group of teenagers who live in a hospital. They have to deal not only with everyday problems like relationships and family drama but also with the complications of their conditions. It’s kind of like Grey’s Anatomy told from the patient’s perspective and with a younger cast.

Why You Need to Watch It: The characters are pretty likeable and the storyline will definitely leave you emotionally involved. If you like shows like This Is Us, this series is perfect for you.

Where You Can Watch: Full episodes can be found on Amazon and YouTube.


Happy binge-watching!

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