5 Must-Have Clothing Items that are Great for Layering

Even though it will officially be spring (in a few days), that doesn’t mean Ithaca knows that. With the extreme and rather alarming temperature fluctuations over the past few weeks, it’s always important to wear layers. This way, you can easily readjust what you’re wearing when you go from the below freezing outdoors to your stuffy lecture hall within a span of two minutes. The great thing about a lot of these items is they don’t necessarily have to be the focal pieces of your outfit. These are just staple items that can work with virtually any outfit to keep you warm, but not roasting. They’re almost all worn with something over them, so they don’t have to be super expensive or even made with the best quality materials in order to be effective. I personally wear at least one of these items every single day (sometimes all five in one outfit.)

1. Tank tops/Camisoles

Tanks and camis are super convenient and easy to find at essentially every store that sells women’s clothing, whether you’re looking for a really inexpensive one from Forever 21, or a nicer quality one from J. Crew. There are a bunch of different types with either super thin spaghetti straps, thicker straps or that are strapless. Aesthetically, these can serve as a pop of color to complement your outfit, or they can be completely hidden under your fifteen bulky winter sweaters. They have a practical use that’s almost like a vest, just on your interior versus your exterior, working to add one more thin layer of warmth to your midsection.


2. Thin long sleeve tees


Moving on to your next layer, I’ve found that thin long sleeve shirts are a great item to wear under a sweater on an especially cold day. Or if you’ve overdressed for more temperate weather, it’s helpful to have this layer underneath your bulky knits, since you can wear it on its own just as well. I recommend solid colors, so they can work as essentially a neutral. These tees are also nice because they tend to be made of soft, stretchy material, so it’s a nice texture to have close to your body, as opposed to sweaters that, yes, can be super fuzzy and soft, but often have more itchy or scratchy material.


3. Cardigans


To go on top of everything on your upper half, I like oversize cardigans. These can be flexible so they fit easily over bulky knit sweaters in the winter, yet also work over a simple t-shirt on those rare warmer days. They can be solid colors or patterned, depending on your preferences and the outfit underneath. It’s also easy to find different qualities of these cardigans, whether you want a more affordable option from Marshalls or a more elegant piece from Anthropologie.


4. Leggings


I think at this point everyone has a few pairs of their favorite black leggings. A big trend lately, though, has been patterned leggings. I find both solid and patterned leggings to be great options in every season. You have your classic black, navy, or charcoal leggings to wear on any lazy day. These are great items to have in your closet since they will match with essentially anything you put on your top half. They especially work with oversized sweaters and cardigans since they mold to your legs down to your ankles. Patterned leggings are also really versatile, though, because they tend to come in certain color schemes that are easy to match and play off of in interesting ways.


5. High socks



Most people probably don’t think too much about their sock choices on the daily. Especially since, at this point, it’s socially acceptable to not even match your socks. I say, go for it! I’ve found most people wear ankle socks, and you do you. Layering-wise though, I’d suggest to considering some longer sock options. If you’re going for a look with leggings or any fitted pant that goes to your ankle, it’s really nice to have socks that go up past your ankle, so you don’t have to have that tiny slip of skin exposed to the harsh, chilled air. I’m one for super exaggerated knee-high socks, since you can roll them up and down depending on your mood. A more functional option, though, are black high socks. They’re soft and flexible, and I dare you to find an outfit they won’t work with.



Hopefully now you feel runway ready no matter what craziness Mother Nature concocts for the coming “spring” days.