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5 Cute Last Minute Halloween Costumes

1. Deer

Deer are cute animals to be for Halloween. You can show off your cool makeup skills! If you don’t have deer antlers, you can put your hair into space buns. An alternative to an entire deer costume is wearing a white shirt and brown leggings with shoes of your choice.


2. Arthur

Arthur has become more popular recently with the fist meme. If you have a yellow shirt or sweater and some blue jeans, you’re all set to be Arthur. Arthur ears can be found on Amazon for less than $5!


3. Pink Shirt Girl Emoji

Emojis are fun, cute, simple and inexpensive Halloween costumes. For this emoji, all you need is a pink shirt and to do the various arm movements and face gestures she does.


4. Rosie the Riveter

This costume will never get old! It’s a fun and empowering costume. Converse sneakers aren’t necessary – any type of shoes will do!  

5. Princess Leia

Another classic Halloween costume. All you need to do is put your hair in space buns and wear a white dress of your choice.


Happy Halloween!

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