Writer Profile: Francesca Ferrante

Meet our next writer, Francesca Ferrante! You can frequently find this camel studying in the library or New London Hall, or perhaps roaming the streets of downtown Mystic. Read on to hear about her study abroad experience and her embarrassing camel moment!

Class Year: 2018

Hometown: Bethany, CT

Majors: Biology and Italian

Extracurricular activities: Her Campus, Relay for Life, Club Volleyball, Pre Health Club

Favorite book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Favorite TV show: Way too hard to say so I’m going to list 5: Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us, Parenthood, and The Office.

Favorite movie: Once again a tough one, but I’ll have to say Bridesmaids.

Favorite place on campus: I really like New London Hall because there are never many people there and it just has a very calm vibe.

Favorite place near Conn: Probably downtown Mystic

What's your favorite food? Pizza for sure (Gusta Pizza in Florence to be exact)

How do you make Harris gourmet? I wish I could answer this question, but I haven’t quite figured this one out yet…

What is the most interesting food you’ve ever eaten? “Lampredotto”…look it up.

If you could choose anyone to have dinner with, who would you choose and where would you wine and dine? Tina Fey and I’d probably let her decide because I’m too indecisive.

Did you go abroad? If so, where? Did you like it? Anything else you want to share about it?​

I spent the summer of 2016 at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy, and then during the fall of 2016 I participated in the SATA Florence program at the International Studies Institute in Florence, Italy. I would not trade these experiences for anything because I absolutely loved every minute of my time in both Perugia and Florence. I highly recommend going to Italy if you are going to study abroad because the culture, food, and people are all incredible.

Do you have an embarrassing Camel moment?

Absolutely. I would say almost all of my embarrassing moments revolve around me getting locked out of my room somehow…I once locked my phone, keys, and camel card in my room freshman year and it was at a time during the day when everyone was in class. I then had to message one of my friends on Facebook from a library computer to please let me into the dorm building.

Can you tell us about your internship experience this past summer?

My internship this past summer was at Hartford Hospital where I participated in the Summer Student Research program. I worked on a couple of clinical research projects in the neurology department and also got to shadow a bunch of different physicians. It was an amazing experience!

As a senior, do you have any advice for underclassmen?

Stress less and take advantage of Conn while you can because I promise those four years are definitely going to fly by!