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While we have grinding nonstop to get through our first round of finals, we have definitely needed something to keep us motivated… or just sane. And you know what they say: music is the best therapy. And during some intense study sessions, we have needed the extra boost that comes from listening to great music. With an ecletic group of songs, ranging from boy band One Direction to a classical composition by Frederic Chopin, we have put together our very own study playlist. 

“Ode To The Mets” by The Strokes

I will be honest, it can be difficult for me to listen to music while I do my homework, especially when I have a dense literary text I need to make my way through. However, when I am outlining an essay or doing final edits, I often put on some tunes to get the creative juices flowing (again) and pep up myself (and my brain) to make it to the finish line. During quarantine, I listened to The Strokes’ newest album The New Abnormal. While I like all of the songs of the album, I have been listening to “Ode To The Mets” on repeat for its melancholic yet rock backdrop that equally soothes my stress as it does revitalize.

– Elizabeth Berry ‘21

“Lovely Day” by Bill Withers

For a more uplifting song, I have also been listening to “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers from his album, Menagerie. Withers passed away in March 2020; listening to “Lovely Day” is both a homage to his musical talent as it is motivation to climb those last flights of stairs back from the testing center. Plus, with module one almost over and the College entering Level Green, a lovely day feels a lot closer.

– Elizabeth Berry ‘21

“Nocturnes” by Frederic Chopin

In my junior year of high school, I came across “Nocturnes” by the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin. I was surprised to have recognized many of the songs in the album (one of them was played by Beth from the latest version of Little Women). If you look up “Chopin Nocturnes” on Youtube, you would see that there are different pianists (who play the entirety of “Nocturnes”) to choose from, but Brigitte Engerer is usually my go-to. It lasts 1h and 56min, which is really convenient if you plan on studying for two hours. Highly recommended!. 

– Yasmine Tohme ‘24

“Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron

A study song I have been obsessed with lately is “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron. Although it has lyrics, the calm melody and serene instrumentals create the perfect vibe for all those late nights in the library. I can’t help but feel happy and tranquil while listening to this song—the perfect conditions for an intense study session. 

– Lara Beckius ‘24

“Everything Goes My Way” by Metronomy

I love this song for studying because it’s soft yet upbeat. It’s not too distracting and it fades nicely in the background, so it’s nice to listen to when you’re focused on reading or writing. It’s not too slow, though, so it keeps me motivated. It’s also really calming, perfect when you’re cry-studying.

– Samantha Barth ‘21

“Movement” by Hozier

Hozier’s entire Wasteland, Baby! album got me through finals my sophomore year. “Movement” in particular is a great song for when you’re powering through something monotonous, like doing practice problems.

– Samantha Barth ‘21

Anything by Ed Sheeran & One Direction

I really like listening to Ed Sheeran while I study. The vibe of his music really helps me focus and it’s just nice to listen to. Recently, the One Direction Made in the A.M album has been my go-to for late-night study sessions to help me stay awake.

– Ellie Wagner ‘23

New Music & Music in Other Languages

I love listening to music while I do work. Personally, I actually watch youtube videos while I work, but there are times when I can’t concentrate on the work and the video at the same time so I switch to music. I don’t have a specific playlist, but I usually listen to new songs that have just come out, trendy songs, and just music that’s less upbeat. Also music in other languages is great because you don’t pay attention to the words since you can’t really understand. I personally love listening to Italian music since I study the language. If it is too upbeat I end up singing along and getting distracted. Specific artists I love listening to while doing work are, Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, and Elton John. Also Harry Styles’ album Fine Line got me through finals.These artists have nice soothing vibes that helps when doing not so soothing work.

– Elyce Afrifa ‘22

Check out these songs when you start your next round of endless homework, papers, and exams. 

Elizabeth Berry

Conn Coll '21

Elizabeth Berry is an English and Italian Studies double major at Connecticut College with a passion for journalism. She enjoys overnight oats, traveling to new cities, and reading the night away.
Elyce Afrifa

Conn Coll '22

I was born and raised in Bronx, NY. I attended Herbert H Lehman High School where she participated in an acting club. I currently attend Connecticut College in New London, CT where I plans to major in biology and minor in theater. I am also on the Women's Rugby Team and apart of Wig and Candle the acting club here. I also am a big fan of many TV shows, Shameless, The Flash and Big Brother to name a few.
Lara is a sophomore at Connecticut College, where she is pursuing a double major in environmental studies and economics with a minor in dance. Her interests include choreography, sustainability, the performing arts, and conservation.
Samantha is a senior at Connecticut College, double-majoring in Sociology and Economics. She is currently the Beauty Section Editor and a National Writer for Her Campus, having prior been a Beauty Editorial Intern during the summer of 2019. She is also a writer and Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Conn Coll. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, puns, and sitcoms with strong female leads.
Yasmine Tohme

Conn Coll '24

Yasmine, from Lebanon, is a freshman at Connecticut College who is planning on majoring in Film Studies and Psychology, as well as minoring in Italian. Her favorite things to do are listening to music and going on adventures with friends.
Ellie Wagner

Conn Coll '23

Ellie Wagner is a Government major and American Studies minor at Conn College. She is also on the Mock Trial team and a part of The College Voice.
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