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We love our Moms because…

Mother’s Day (May 10th, in case you forgot) is here and we wanted to make a special shoutout to the women in our lives who make stressful times like finals just a tad more bearable. Make sure you let your Mom know just how much you love her (and miss her home cooked meals) on her special day. Hang in there, we’re almost done with the semester which means we’re almost back in our Mommy’s arms. But in the mean time, here are a few uplifting ways our fellow Camel Moms are the best in the world…

“I love my Mom because no matter how her day has been going she is always willing to listen to me vent and is the most caring women.”

“I love my Mom’s perfect balance of care-taker and friend! My love for her also doubled the day she discovered emojis–our texting conversations have never been the same since.” 

“I love my mom because her French accent makes her sound like she’s saying fu*kus when she’s telling me to focus… gets me every time. Je t’aime Maman!”

“Because she’s right even when she’s wrong.”

“I love my mom because she inspires me every day with her compassion, strength and beauty.”

“I hate that I love that my mom can not only find everything but can also find out everything.”

“Shoutout to my amazing mother because true love is coming home to a freshly made bed and a fridge full of your favorite foods.”

“I love my mom because she’s always there to call whenever I want to share exciting news or vent about something stupid that happened that day.”


“I love my mom because she is my role model, best friend and favorite person to go on adventures with.”

Happy Mother’s Day from all of the daughters at Her Campus; we love you!

Julie is a junior at Connecticut College from Montclair, New Jersey studying dance and psychology. She loves to share her passion for food with friends and family and has been on a life long quest to find the world's best slice of pizza. In her free time, Julie enjoys yoga and hopes to one day become a certified yoga instructor. 
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