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Top Coachella Moments – Weekend 1

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While I should be using the weekends to study for finals, I’ve been living vicariously through my phone, wishing I was singing in the desert at Coachella. I can only dream of being there, so I’m going to obsess about my top five moments from weekend one instead….

1. Lana Del Ray and Billie Eilish

Lana + Billie + “Video Games?!!” Suddenly, I’m back in middle school. Billie was the perfect pick for this sad ballad. Their voices beautifully meshed together for the piano version of one of the top Lana songs. I enjoyed every minute.

2. I need more espresso

Seriously, I need a large, triple shot latte of Sabrina Carpenter’s “espresso.” Our fave blonde heartbreaker shined in her new song debut. I’m working late.. but definitely not a singer.

3. Suki Waterhouse Had a girl?!

Officially Renesmee irl. This “amazing lady” is going to grow up with the best parents… do we think she’ll be a vampire or a singer?

4. TikTok

Seriously… who was going to tell me this Coachella was going to be a blast to the past? Everyone’s favorite new star, Renee Rap, plus our childhood idol Kesha? The party don’t stop…

5. Taylor and Travis

Of course, I’m a Swiftie at heart, so tracking Taylor and Travis was the adventure of the weekend. I love that they got to enjoy the performances from the crowd… somehow, it was the best way to fit in. They’re my favorite “Love Story.”

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