Top 5 Favorite Trends This Winter

The end of the semester is around the corner, the weather is getting colder and colder - and you know what that means? It is almost winter! Time to break out all your boots, warm socks, blanket scarves, cozy oversized sweaters and much more! Here are 5 of our favorite trends this winter:


1. Anything RED:

Millennial pink is still thriving, however, red is making a comeback this season. Anything and everything red is IN this Fall/Winter. This fiery and powerful color is one everyone can nail. From coats and oversized sweaters, to accessories and makeup, don’t be shy, just go for it!

2. Bold Coats:

Coats are the best part about this season, as they can instantly make your plain jeans and sweater outfit look stylish - if you get the right one. Whether you are into clean line wool coats or fluffy teddy bear coats, try to embrace the color of the season. Big trends lately have been wool plaid coats and faux fur. Classic black is also always an option, it keeps your style sleek and chic. Otherwise, if you are really feeling bold, this season is all about embracing your alter-ego “extra” personality and going for the faux fur or colorful faux feather coats, as they are great for this festive season! Always remember to accessorize your favorite coat especially with scarves. If you go for a classic black coat, wearing a colored scarf will add a pop of color that may pull your entire outfit together! Gray, green and burgundy scarves always look great!

3. Turtlenecks galore!

Turtleneck sweaters are always “in” during the winter season, however, this season it is all about tight turtlenecks with a ribbed detail. Go for bold colors. Red is of course a safe bet! Yellow, green, gray, white, and striped turtlenecks also make an outfit. Pair it with some statement earrings or hoops, boots and a cool scarf and you are all set! If you are feeling bold, go for a wide sleeve or ruffles.

4. Hats:

It is not possible to go through the Winter season without knowing which hat trends are in! Lately newsboy hats and French berets have been seen on models such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Doesn’t matter the color or the pattern, just go for it! These hats add a cute but sophisticated vibe to your look. Who doesn’t want to dress like a Parisian!?

5. Floral:

Last but not least, floral is still in! Who said floral designs were only for summer? This Winter, everyone is loving the floral look. To transition floral from summer to winter, try going for darker colors and hues.