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‘Tis the Season… For Dorm Decorating

It’s that time of year again! There’s no better way to bring the holiday spirit to Conn than to decorate your dorms and keep the magic of this season alive even when you’re away from home.
1.   Christmas Lights:
Light up your room by dangling these classic lights all around. For an even more “holiday” touch, string them with garland.

2.   PaperSnow Flakes:
These paper snowflakes are not only easy to make, but a cute way to bring the essence of winter right into your own room. Check out this link for directions on how to make them!
3.   Small Artificial Trees:
 Get a small tree for your room and decorate it just like you would at home. Maybe if your friends are nice enough they’ll leave presents!
4.   Wreaths:
Hang a wreath outside your door as a cute and spirited way to welcome your guests!
5.   Ornaments
Try hanging ornaments in various places around your room. Soon your room will feel like a decorated tree itself!
6.   Stockings:
Hang a personalized stocking on the outside of your door. If you’ve been nice this year, perhaps you’ll find little surprises left inside!
7.   Window Decals:
Easy to buy and use, snowflake or various other holiday decals are a great way to accent your windows. They look adorable and are easily removable when spring finally comes around. 

Danielle is a sophomore at Connecticut College and is currently pursuing a double-major in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies. Danielle began writing for the Connecticut College branch of Her Campus in the fall of 2011 and will continue to write this year as Editor and Campus Correspondent. Danielle has traveled all over the world and continues her love for other cultures and languages through her studies. Besides traveling, she loves to sing and dance - especially as a member of Miss Connduct, an all-female A capella group at Connecticut College. In general, Danielle loves sushi, goats, traveling, and Star Wars/Lord of the Rings. She is thrilled to be working with Her Campus this year!
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