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     Conn College is not like other colleges. First, we do not have fraternities or sororities. Second, there are less than 2,000 students on campus. Finally, there is no off-campus housing. With these odds, the possibilities of having a solid social life are already diminished. To make things clear, I am not bashing the social life here at Conn. If anything, I chose to come to this school already knowing that social life is not the best. In addition, I am fully aware that this institution is trying their best to improve the social scene, but here goes:

  • By the time I start to pre-game, most parties are already shut down by campus safety. Sometimes as early as twelve or one. This is very disappointing. Most people plan parties for either someone’s birthday or just a casual get-together. Time and resources go into making this event happen. It just sucks that sometimes it has to go to waste. 
  • Getting ridiculous “noise complaints” before quiet hours are annoying. If you are playing music on your speaker, turn it off before you get a complaint. If you are speaking a little louder than usual once, someone is probably on their way to give you a noise complaint. 
  • Basically, the only day that some students have the opportunity to party is on Saturday. Thursdays are bar nights and if you are not 21-well you already have your answer. On Fridays, once in a blue moon, there is a small dance and if you are thinking about pre-gaming, think again.
  • Cultural dances like Latinx or Caribbean theme are only attended by few. By few, I mean by the people that are culturally affiliated with the theme even though the whole campus community is invited. But then again, Conn is a predominately white institution.
  • Social life here at Conn is very cliquey. Athletes (varsity and club), people of color, and other groups have their own parties. You would think a school so small as Conn there would not be much division, but surprisingly there is. Personally, it would be really nice if those boundaries did not exist.

     If you are looking for a party school or a school that has a consistent and decent social life, Conn may not be the school for you. Also, not everything in college should revolve around drinking and partying. Sometimes staying in with friends playing twister or having a self-care night can be one of your most memorable experiences in college. Whether Conn has a below average social scene or needs tremendous improvements, we still tolerate our little NESCAC school by the Thames. 

Viangely Asencio

Conn Coll '20

A senior at Connecticut College from Miami. Triple majoring in Sociology, Government, and Italian Studies. Competitive eater and part-time pianist. Passionate about topics in race and ethnicity and The Simpsons.
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