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Spring Break in Ireland!

This spring break several of our chapter members went to some really amazing places, so we decided to share their experiences and photographs from their travels! This is a brief recap of what chapter member, Megan Webber did in Ireland with her family!! Keep reading to see where Megan went and what she saw during her time in Ireland. This past spring break, I was lucky enough to travel to Ireland with my family. We spent ten days driving, eating, hiking, and exploring the beautiful Galway coast. We landed in Dublin on the 13th of March, which happened to be my brother’s 28th birthday. We drove across the Irish countryside to our first stop in Salthill, a small city in Galway. I can honestly say I have never seen so many sheep in my life! We spent the next few days exploring the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher and driving along the Connemara coastline.

Later, we continued onto Killarney, Cork, and Blarney, stopping in many many candy shops along the way in order to find the perfect Irish fudge. Spending St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was one of my favorite experiences of the trip. Although we weren’t in Dublin to witness the citywide blowout, the quaint Killarney parade filled with local activist groups and several St. Patrick floats was so fun to be apart of.

We ended our adventure with a tour of the famous Guinness Storehouse at St. James’s Gate Brewery. The extensive tour takes you through the history, brewing process, and advertisement campaigns of Guinness. At the end, of age visitors enjoyed a complementary glass of cold Guinness on the skybar overlooking Dublin.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend such an unforgettable adventure with my family in the country of my ancestors and I hope to go back very soon.

Emily is currently a senior attending Connecticut College. She is a Biology and English double major. Her interests include community service, lazy days in bed watching movies and hanging out outdoors with friends. Like her interests, her taste in music and movies is all over the place. She has had an amazing four years here at Conn College so far, and is excited and nervous about being much closer to the REAL WORLD!
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