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Restaurant Ideas for Fall Weekend

With Fall Weekend coming up, you’re going to need a good place (or two) to take your family out to eat! Her Campus Conn has got you covered with our list of fun off-campus spots to chow down, as well as some of our favorite menu items. 

When Pigs Fly Cafe

97 Rope Ferry Rd, Waterford CT

This charming café is the perfect way to begin the day with your family! The menu includes all of the classic breakfast foods, but what makes this place special is just that—their specials menu! Be sure to check out the blackboard with their specials of the day, and you will be guaranteed a unique, tasty breakfast.


33 Kings Highway, Groton CT

If you are looking for a nice lunch or dinner spot, Olio is the perfect place. As its website says, “The menu is a well-rounded mix of traditional favorites and edgy surprises.” In addition to the assorted menu, the bread served at the start of every meal is irresistible! Some of our favorite menu items include the fields green salad, the crispy breaded stuffed chicken breast, and the baked goat cheese salad.


32 W Main St, Mystic CT

Azu not only has the vibe and diverse menu of Olio, but it is located right in the heart of Mystic. Some of our favorite menu items include the Greek salad with grilled flatbread and hummus, the mini fajitas, the grilled chicken pie, and the linguine prosciutto with a light Alfredo sauce. Plus, stopping by Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream after your meal is almost a given.

Paul’s Pasta Shop

223 Thames St, Groton CT

This pasta shop makes its own pasta, fresh every day! Not only is their pesto pasta to die for, but this cute restaurant overlooks the Thames River, making for the drive there beautiful. This pasta may be in high demand, but it is certainly worth the wait!

Pita Spot

45 Williams Ave, Mystic CT

If you are looking to switch things up, Pita Spot is perfect for you! This restaurant includes many classic Mediterranean foods including falafel, couscous, and shawarma, to name just a few!


Danielle Kaplan is a senior from from Westwood, MA, studying economics and dance at Connecticut College. She is the in-house designer and Instagram contributor for Her Campus Conn Coll. In addition to Her Campus, Danielle spends most of her time rehearsing for several on-campus dance performances. Following graduation, she hopes to work for a non-profit organization related to incarceration and/or at-risk youth. But most of all, Danielle's true passions lie in avocados, dark chocolate, and cereal.
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