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Pandora Stations for Every Occasion!

1. When you need to focus on studying for that big final: Colbie Caillat

We know that they say to listen to classical music while studying so you won’t get distracted by the catchy tunes of today’s hits, but we think that Colbie Caillat Pandora is a just as great way to focus on your studying. The smooth vibes of Colbie Caillat and similar artists are enough to keep you awake while studying, and calming enough to relax you and keep you stress free.  

2. When you want to get into the holiday spirit: Michael Bublé (Holiday)

We are all very excited for the holiday season. Despite all the work of finals, we still want to get into the holiday spirit. Do this with Michael Bublé’s holiday Pandora station. His voice is absolutely fantastic; his voice plus all our favorite Christmas carols and winter anthems never fail to put us in the mood for snow and holiday celebrations.

3. When you’re feeling nostalgic for summers passed: Summer Hits of the 2000s

Whenever we want to absolutely jam to songs we know every single word to—even if we don’t want to admit it—we put on the Pandora station Summer Hits of the 2000s. These songs remind us of those middle and high school summers where we would sing and dance with all our hometown friends.

4. When you’re hosting a super awesome dance party: Today’s Hits

This is the go-to playlist when you are throwing a party on a Saturday night and you want everyone to have a good time. It’s also a good station to throw on if you’re at a very boring party and want to liven things up with those catchy tunes we were talking about earlier. There’s nothing better than this station to get your party on. 

5. When you want to try some new music to just chill to: Hipster Cocktail Party

We stumbled upon this awesome station when doing our very studious Pandora research, but it really is a fantastic station to use as background music for any occasion. In true hipster style, a lot of this music was new to us, but it does include some awesome Vance Joy hits that we love, especially after seeing him on tour with Taylor Swift!

Jessica is a junior at Connecticut College, but she is originally from Massachusetts. She is double majoring in English and Environmental Studies with the the hope of pursuing a career in environmental communications. She loves poetry (especially Emily Dickinson), pop punk music, and her puppy Eli. 
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