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Our 5 Favorite Super Bowl Ads

While the Big Game may have been short on excitement, many of the ads generated buzz and were well worth the wait. Here are our 5 favorite ads from the Super Bowl:

1. T-Mobile: “Still No Contract” & “No Contract, No Worries”

Why We Love It: The two T-Mobile ads featuring Tim Tebow were both hysterical and memorable. The ads brilliantly played on Tebow not having an NFL contract and his appearance in the spots were a great way to connect with football fans. 


2. Microsoft: “Empowering”

Why We Love It: This emotional ad was a tearjerker that reminded us of all the amazing (and even touching) things that technology can do. The spot ended on a great note when the audience discovered that the voice over was former NFL player Steve Gleason.


3. Budweiser: “Puppy Love”

Why We Love It: This adorable ad became an instant fan favorite. Even though it didn’t have anything to do with beer, could you ask for anything cuter than puppies and ponies? Not really. The unbelievable amounts of cuteness made this ad memorable and will likely go down as a Super Bowl classic.


4. Wonderful Pistachios: “Stephen Colbert” 

Why We Love It: Colbert was absolutely priceless in this ad. We love the subtle details (like all the pictures of Colbert in the background) and the bald eagle in a blazer! Hilarious. 


5. Hyundai: “Dad’s Sixth Sense”

Why We Love It: This is ad manages to be sweet, funny and get an important message across about the product. Not easy to do! Plus, who doesn’t owe their parents for saving them (at least) a few times?


Bonus: Newcastle Ale

Why We Love It: This hilarious viral video featuring Anna Kendrick wasn’t a Super Bowl ad (they can’t even say Super Bowl), but we can’t stop watching it! We give credit to Newcastle for getting a ton of attention without shelling out $4 Million for a spot during the Big Game.


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