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Need a Costume? Dive into Your Closet!

Looking for Halloween ideas but not willing to spend money on multiple costumes? You shouldn’t have to look too far beyond your own closet for some creative ideas for dressing up on your own or with a group! Here are some ideas…

Little Black Dress

  • If you’re feeling classy, drape strands of pearls around your neck, don black sunglasses, and put your hair into a french-twist to channel your inner-Holly Golightly.
  • Style your hair into two long braids and slip a white oxford on under your black dress- and you have the perfect Wednesday Adaams get-up. Don’t forget to cross your arms and put on a smug for photos!
  • Grab a striped shirt, make a black eye mask from a piece of paper and stash some jewelry and other steal-worthy items in a bag- and you have yourself a criminal costume. If you’re into face paint, forgo the jewels and eye mask, and practice staying silent to be a mime!


Do you have friends who are dancers? Borrow their leotard and twist your hair into a bun to be a ballerina yourself, or add fierce heels, put your hair in a poof, and grab two friends to represent the iconic Single Ladies. All that’s left is to fight over who gets to be Beyonce!

Flat Bed Sheet

  • Fashion a toga and add gold jewelry and sandals to be a Greecian goddess! Check out this website for instructions on wrap a toga.
  • Similar to the toga, wrap a sheet to create a one-shouldered style dress, and add a crown and a torch and you are all set to be Lady Liberty.

Animal Print Clothing

  • Don your fur vest and tease your hair to create the perfect cave woman costume.
  • If you and your friends have accumulated a wardrobe full of animal print, add brightly colored accessories and make a shout out to the Disney Channel original movie The Cheetah Girls!


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