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Making a Statement: Fashionable Freshmen

Adding a pop of color, sparkling with an accessory, or going bold with a print emits some serious style. As these six trendy first-years walk around campus, it’s all eyes on them because they know how to make a statement! Have your next outfit shine by getting inspiration from their looks this week.

Sarah goes wild with animal print! She makes a statement with the cheetah design by keeping the rest of her ensemble solid. A gorgeous plum blazer creates a serious but stylish look and a classy gold chain adds extra pizzazz to her outfit. She’s ready to strut down any runway. Work it girl!

Meredith creates the perfect balance between feminine elegance and boyfriend-chic. She rocks a laid back look with cropped pants, boat shoes, and a button down with an added luxe sweater, pastel bauble necklace, and girly pink hat. This gal makes a fabulous statement by incorporating two styles into one. Is she taking a weekend off in the Hamptons? No, just going to class!

Brion demonstrates how to be effortlessly cool in his jeans and button down shirt. His polished plaid shirt and relaxed jeans make a statement by suggesting a hint of hipster. The Asics kicks add a nice touch and incorporate sporty style. This guy proves that boys can have style too!

Gariana mixes casual comfy with nighttime cool. She wears an LBD with floral tights and oxfords with lace appliqué to construct a fancy party outfit. By throwing on a grey oversized cardi, she transitions her look between day and night. Neutrals, different textures, and patterns make a statement. She drips glamour without even trying!

Anna takes simple denim from catalog to couture. Pairing a lacy black top with a grunge pair of ripped jeans and a loose, cropped jean jacket crafts a twist on the modern moto trend. The bright, chunky necklace works marvelously with the girly top while keeping feminine flair a major part of the look. She makes a statement with this playful yet daring outfit. Don’t mess with this Cara Delevingne mini me!

Corbin sports a layered look in order to be prepared for the warm and chilly fall days. This prep offsets more formal attire with a statement pop of green color under his Polo half-zip. Girls love a guy who knows how to dress. What a dapper dude!

Julia is a senior who loves writing for Conn's Her Campus chapter! While she is studying economics and environmental studies, she is also interested in fashion and beauty. Her Campus has allowed Julia to incorporate these personal interests into her weekly schedule.
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