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As a Californian, I still struggle with the corundum New England weather often presents. For example, last week I awoke to 60-degree weather only to have declined to 40 degrees by noon and 20 degrees by dinner time. How does one dress, or as I have been told, layer for such sporadic temperatures? I turned to my fellow HC Writers for help. To my camels from warm climates, this is how you effectively layer during a New England Winter.  -Hanna ‘20

1. Wear (and pack) layers!


American Eagle

“The temperature’s going to change throughout the day, so dress for it! My go-to is a t-shirt and a quarter zip with a jacket. Maybe even wear a scarf if it’s really cold. This way you can shed layers throughout the day, or add more on. Socks, hats, and gloves are important and not to be underestimated. If it’s absolutely freezing outside I’ll wear two layers of socks, and keep an extra pair of gloves in my backpack.” – Sam ’23

2. Utilize Crop Tops as Undershirts


Urban Outfitters

“Remember those $10 crop tops you splurged on in middle and high school from the likes of Urban Outfitters and American Eagle because they were the only article of clothing you could afford with your allotted allowance? Well, I am here to say that you can repurpose these crop tops for more than just “going out shirts.” For an extra layer of warmth, I will wear a crop top beneath a bulky sweater or thick flannel to stay warm on those late nights in Shain. This is also a money hack, because why buy new undersheets for the colder months when you can just give new a meaning to the lonely crop top?” – Elizabeth ’21

3. Keep in mind it gets colder at night

“Dressing in layers is super important in the winter, especially when you have to transition from the freezing outdoors to a heated classroom. The other day, I wore a button-up flannel over a tank top with jeans and a coat. If I got too hot inside, I could take off the flannel and tie it around my waist, and then put it back on when I got chilly. The important thing to remember is that New England evenings tend to be very cold, so if you’re planning on staying up late in the library, you’re going to want to bring a heavy jacket, a hat, and gloves for when you leave.” – Sara ’20

4. Wear leggings under sweatpants



“When it comes to cold weather, I am what you can call sensitive. My secret move for those freezing days is a pair of leggings under my sweatpants. If you want a break from the sweatsuits and want to look cute, thick tights are key. Wear thick tights with even thicker socks and bundle up with a long coat. Scarf, gloves, and hats can be stylish and deceivingly warm! Fuzzy clothing is multi-purposeful as it can keep you warm and attract others who can steal body heat from. Stay safe, stay cozy, and stay warm!” – Fiona Williams ‘23

Hanna Katherine

Conn Coll '20

Hanna Bobrowicz is a graduate of Connecticut College, where she served as Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Conn. Following graduation Hanna returned to her native San Fransisco Bay Area and keeps up to date on the latest tech news. You can find her hiking, cooking and watching home renovation shows. 
Elizabeth Berry

Conn Coll '21

Elizabeth Berry is an English and Italian Studies double major at Connecticut College with a passion for journalism. She enjoys overnight oats, traveling to new cities, and reading the night away.
Sam Jones

Conn Coll '23

I'm a first year at Conn thinking of majoring in sociology or gender, sexuality and intersectionality studies.
Fiona Williams

Conn Coll '23

First Year at Conn
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