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How to Keep Your Dorm Room Smelling Fresh (No Fire Needed!)

We’re spending more time than ever in our dorm rooms nowadays; with all the eating, sleeping, and hanging out, there’s bound to be some funky smells! Here are a few tips on how to improve focus and find your chill by keeping your space fresh!

Back to the Basics

It’s not so obvious, but one of the smelliest things in our rooms is actually our bed sheets! They can absorb oils, sweat, and skin particles we shed while we sleep (yuck). Be sure to change your sheets once a week to stay ahead of this. I recommend bringing two sets in order to avoid a crazy amount of laundry!

Become a Plant Parent

Plants are natural air purifiers–they can take in dust and toxins in the air, replacing it with clean oxygen! Keep it all natural with snake, spider and aloe vera plants!

Refresh Your Rug

Rugs can transform a uniform dorm room into a cozy, personal space! They can also breed unpleasant smells; the fibers in carpets tend to hold onto bacteria, dirt, and pollen. Try grabbing some baking soda, sprinkling a thin layer over your carpet, and leaving it for an hour. Then vacuum excess or shake it off outside!

Tackle the Trash

Girl, get rid of those plastic bottles (but don’t forget to recycle!) Letting trash sit around is a big no-no. Make sure to dump food in trash cans outside your room and use garbage liners! This makes it much easier to quickly dispose of it.

Spice It Up

Finally, add some fragrance! Avoid getting in trouble by using something that doesn’t require a flame. Try using reed diffusers, potpourri, essential oil, or wall plug-ins! I’ve linked some of my faves below!

Dried Floral Reed Diffuser from Urban Outfitters

Relaxing Room Mist from Amazon

Rose & Ivy Potpourri from Pottery Barn

Wallflower Scent Control Plug-In from Bath and Body Works

Enjoy your new clean and fresh-smelling space!

Sophia Nadeau

Conn Coll '24

Sophia is a sophomore at Connecticut College; interested in double majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology, as well as minoring in Studio Art. She enjoys spending time with friends, painting, and singing in her free time!
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