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The “How to Guide” To a Classy, but Creepy Halloween Party

The “How to Guide” to throwing a very spooktacular yet, always stylish Halloween party is here. With our college budget, more than ever we have to put our creativity to the test. So, ladies, this year instead of questioning where you’ll end this Halloweekend, get your creative juices flowing, and with a little help from us, the zombie screeching and jack-o-lantern lights will be at your door this year!

1. Invites

Whether it is close friends, or a floor get together, always keep it classy and official with a real invite. Free templates can be found with a simple Google search.

2. Decorations

Wait til the last minute and you are sure to find some of the best decor at realllyy low prices!!! And what you don’t find, take a study break and make yourself, you’ll be even happier with the outcome.  

3. Food

Do not plan to feed an army or make a 3-course meal with your limited space! Little snacks decorated in the holiday spirit go a long way.

4. Drinks

Find some fruity juices, put your inner witch hat on, and make some concoctions! It is the one night you can get away with some rookie bartender mistakes.

If you’re 21 and older, enjoy these recipes below.

Black Bloody Cocktail

Wormy Sangria 

5. Costumes 

The host will be expected to go all out so be prepared to pull out all the stops on your costume. 

6. Last but not least, don’t forget to SCARE your guests! Because come on, its only Halloween once a year!

With some creepy crawlers…

Or some bloody threats..

Happy Halloween xoxox,

The girls at HC

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