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How to Celebrate the Holidays According to Our Favorite TV Shows

Almost everyone has a different holiday routine. Whether it’s cooking a traditional Christmas feast, lighting a menorah that’s been passed down for generations, or eating Chinese food in front of the T.V., there are plenty of ways to celebrate your favorite holidays. If you don’t have your traditions set in stone, you can turn to your favorite T.V. shows to learn how to celebrate this season. 

  • Friends – “The One with the Holiday Armadillo”

In this unconventional Christmas episode, Ross unsuccessfully tries rent a Santa suit to surprise his son, Ben. When he find a traditional Christmas costume, he dresses up as a ‘Holiday Armadillo’ to teach Ben about Hanukkah and other Jewish traditions. It might not be the most common form of celebration, but he certainly put a unique and educational spin on Christmas. 

Friends also serves as a guide to the perfect Friendsgiving. Some suggestions include playing football, locking a member of the squad in a wooden box, and inviting Brad Pitt to the festivities in order to address old rumors.

  • The O.C. – Chrismukkah

Chrismukkah is Seth’s solution for pleasing both his Jewish dad and Christian mom. This holiday combines both Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations into one jam-packed festivity. In order to celebrate this fictional tradition, you’ll need plenty of alcohol, classy snacks, and Christmas sweaters as far as the eye can see.

  • The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters

Each year, Jimmy Fallon kicks off his Christmas festivities by giving away a different Christmas sweater every day to one lucky random member of the studio audience. This generous tradition is easy to replicate – just stop by your favorite thrift store, pick up a dozen of the most ridiculous Christmas sweaters in sight, and impress your family with your intense dedication to the Christmas spirit.

  • Glee – “A Very Glee Christmas”

From a rigged game of Secret Santa to Santa Claus costumes to plenty of Christmas songs, there is no shortage of holiday celebration ideas in this episode of Glee. The easiest tradition to replicate? Singing. Even if your voice isn’t as fine-tuned as Lea Michele, singing is one of the easiest ways to amp up your holiday spirit this season.

  • New Girl – “LaXmas”

In this episode, all six members of the New Girl crew get trapped in the airport while trying to fly to their various Christmas destinations. Although this might not be the ideal way to celebrate the holidays, it’s a definite reality for some people trying to fly home in non-permitting weather conditions during the busy holiday season. So, if you do happen to get stuck in the airport this holiday season, make the best of it by bribing your way into the first class lounge, meeting a Santa look-a-like at the bar, or (as a last resort) convincing other people to give up their seats on the plane. 

  • Seinfeld – Festivus

Of course, this recap of TV holiday celebrations wouldn’t be complete without the Seinfeld-inspired Conn tradition, Festivus. This tradition, referred to in the show as “a Festivus for the rest of us” involves celebrating Christmas on December 23, in order to avoid the commercialism and capitalism that often clouds the true holiday spirit. The Festivus celebration involves an unadorned pole, telling your family all the ways they’ve disappointed you, and referring to everyday events as “Festivus miracles”. 

Liza Miller is a freshman at Connecticut College from Minneapolis, MN. She lives for online shopping, celebrity gossip, and good coffee.
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